Dobara Episode 29 Release Date

Dobara Episode 29 Premiere On 18 May, 2022, Everything We Know About Episode 29


Dobara, which means “again” in Urdu, is a Pakistani TV show that was made by Momina Duraid under the banner MD Productions. Danish Nawaz directed the show, and Sarwat Nazir wrote the script. It was first shown on Hum TV on October 20, 2021. Hadiqa Kiani plays Mehrunisa, who gets a chance to change her life after her husband Hidayatullah dies since he was in charge of her because of their big age difference.

Key roles are also played by Bilal Abbas Khan, Usama Khan, Nabeel Zuberi, and Sabeena Syed.

Dobara Episode 29 Release Date:

Hum tv Dobara Episode 29 came out on May 18, 2022, and it was in HD. Here, you can watch old episodes of Dobara.

Where To Watch Pakistani Dramas Dobara:

Pakistan’s most-watched TV channels for watching Pakistani dramas around the world are Ary Digital, Hum tv, and Geo tv. These networks show a wide range of interesting and unique Pakistani TV shows that keep every Pakistani glued to the TV and proud to be a part of Pakistani culture.


Dobara Plot:

Mehrunissa feels like a free spirit when her husband Hidayatullah, who was in his early seventies, dies. She thinks back to the painful time when her father, who was dying, decided to marry her off at 16 to Hidayatullah, who was 36 at the time. At the funeral, Mehrunissa’s strange behavior stands out because she doesn’t seem to be sad about her husband’s death. On the other hand, Mahir is a carefree boy from next door who plays tennis and is looking for a job. His parents got a divorce and got back together again. He goes to his mother’s house and steals his stepfather’s money from his wallet. Adeela, his stepmother, doesn’t like him either.

The girl he loves and wants to marry, Narmeen, tells him to invite his parents to her house for the wedding. He talks his mother into it and steals gold bracelets from his father’s locker that belonged to his late grandmother so he can give them to Narmeen and make a good impression on her mother. At the ceremony to set up the marriage, Adeela shows up, is shocked by Mahir’s bangles, and insults him a lot. This hurts Narmeen’s feelings, and she decides to break up with him. Even Adeela kicks him out of her home. Mahir then goes to Babar’s house with the help of Mehru, who had met him many times in the park.

Cast Member:

  • Hadiqa Kiani as Mehrunnisa “Mehru”
  • Bilal Abbas Khan as Maahir, Mehrunnisa’s second husband
  • Usama Khan as Affan, Mehrunnisa’s son
  • Maheen Siddiqui as Minal, Mehrunnisa’s daughter
  • Sabeena Syed as Sehar, Affan’s wife
  • Nabeel Zuberi as Zameer, Minal’s husband
  • Zoya Nasir as Narmeen
  • Angeline Malik as Naheed, Maahir’s mother
  • Shabbir Jan as Jahangir, Maahir’s father
  • Fareeda Shabbir as Adeela, Jahangir’s second wife
  • Amber Khan as Ghazal, Sehar’s mother
  • Raja Haider as Mubarak, Sehar’s father
  • Salma Asim as Narmeen’s mother
  • Nauman Ijaz as Hidayatullah (only in flashbacks)
  • Aurangzeb Leghari as Mehru’s father (only in flashbacks)
  • Sakina Samo as Durdana, Hidayatullah’s sister
  • Javed Sheikh as Ibtisam, Durdana’s brother-in-law
  • Hira Umer as Nadia, Zameer’s ex-girlfriend
  • Prerna Bajaj as Mehru (young)
  • Mojiz Hasan as Babar

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