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Are Kody and Janelle Brown still together? Here’s Everything You Want to Know!

Christine Brown’s departure from Kody and polygamy is depicted in Seasons 16 and 17. Fans of the TLC show have theorized that another of Kody’s spouses may be planning to leave in the wake of her departure from the Brown family. Is it true that Janelle Brown is no longer dating Kody? Here is everything you want to know about their relationship status.

Are Kody and Janelle Brown still together?

According to sources, Kody Brown, star of “Sister Wives,” are now separated from one of his wives, Janelle. He was  married to four women. In a preview for the upcoming “Sister Wives: One on One” special, the family patriarch, age 53, revealed that he and Janelle Brown had separated. Kody confirmed their split in the tape, which aired on TLC on Sunday: “Yes, we are separated.” Janelle, 53, acknowledged in another part of the teaser that she and Kody, who had entered a polygamous marriage in 1993, had just separated.

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How did Janelle and Kody be couples?

In 1990, Janelle and her first husband, Adam Clark Barber, divorced after just two years of marriage.
Kody’s first wife was Meri, sister of Barber, and they tied the knot in the same year. Leon is the couple’s only child together. After a lengthy courtship, Kody has been “spiritually married” to Janelle since 1993, making her his second wife. Logan, Madison, Hunter, Garrison, Gabriel, and Savanah are Janelle and Kody’s six children.

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What caused the split?

In late January 2022, an insider told Us Weekly that Janelle was considering a break after witnessing the sound effects of Christine’s separation from Kody. When Janelle declared she was leaving Kody, she meant it, the source added. We can expect it to occur. They elaborated, “She sees how happy Christine is now that she’s ‘free’ from Kody and is strongly considering leaving him herself. Janelle and Christine are close, so they talk about it.

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Season 17 was not a good one for Janelle and Kody. Kody wanted Garrison and Gabriel to move out of Janelle’s house because of their continuous fight with their father about how he treats their mother, and they were (separately) discussing this in an early episode of Season 17.  Janelle continued by saying that Kody’s preoccupation with Robyn’s home has been a source of tension between Garrison and Gabe for some time.

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