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Are Kayla and Seb from ‘Too Hot to Handle’ still together?

In the fourth season of Netflix’s Too Hot To Handle, another group of “horny” singles visited a romantic resort and were put to the ultimate test: controlling their sexual desires. Kayla Richart and Sebastian Melrose, one couple this season, were a little too brave about how often they failed that exam. The Los Angeles-based model Kayla, age 22, quickly settles on the Scottish race car driver as the one she wants to be with. Are Kayla and Seb from Too Hot to Handle still together?

Are Kayla and Seb from ‘Too Hot to Handle’ still together?

According to sources, Seb and Kayla have a long-distance relationship they are trying to do work. Both Seb and Kayla are accepting of their Season 4 runner-up status. Today they describe their relationship as “difficult.” They may be apart, but they’re committed to making their long-distance relationship work. Kayla resides in Los Angeles, while Seb is in Scotland. “Seb and I have had an unorthodox connection since the retreat,” Kayla reveals to Tudum. We originated from different backgrounds and keeping in mind that fact helps us continue to develop as a couple and as individuals.

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As they continue to develop as a couple, Seb and Kayla recognize the need to maintain open lines of communication. Seb claims he no longer “runs away” from feelings after years of doing so. Kayla and I have a daily conversation. He says that we’re talking about how we feel, and we’re both committed to keeping this beautiful relationship going even if we live in different countries. It’s good to hear that Lana is satisfied. Seb says, “After spending so much time with Kayla and Lana, I feel able to convey how I’m feeling and have someone who cares and wants to listen.” I learned from Lana and Kayla that there’s no shame in letting your guard down and having your heart hurt.

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