Archie Roach Cause Of Death

Archie Roach Died At Age Of 66: What Was The Cause Of Death? His Cause Of Death Revealed

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Archibald William Roach AM was an Australian musician and activist for Aboriginal rights. He was born on January 8, 1956, and died on July 30, 2022. He was a singer, songwriter, and guitarist. He was also an elder from the Gunditjmara and Bundjalung tribes and fought for their rights. Ruby Hunter, a singer, was his wife and music partner (1955–2010).

Roach was first known for his song “Took the Children Away,” which was on his first solo album, Charcoal Lane, which came out in 1990. He went on tours all over the world. Joan Armatrading, Bob Dylan, Billy Bragg, Tracy Chapman, Suzanne Vega, and Patti Smith all played with him or before him.

Many nominations and awards have been given to him for his work. In 2013, he won a Deadly Award for a “Lifetime Contribution to Healing the Stolen Generations.” On November 25, 2020, at the ARIA Music Awards, Roach was inducted into their hall of fame.

Roach died at the Warrnambool Base Hospital in Victoria, Australia, on July 30, 2022. He had been sick for a long time.

Archie Roach Cause Of Death

After hearing that Archie Roach died, many people now look on the internet for the reason why he died. Archie, a singer, died on July 30 at the age of 66. If you want to know what caused the death, read the next sentence.

archie roach
archie roach

Roach died at Warrnambool Base Hospital on July 30, 2022. He had been sick for a long time. His sons, Amos and Eban, have given their permission to keep using his name and picture “so that his legacy will continue to inspire.”

How Did Archie Roach Die?

On Saturday, his sons Amos and Eban Roach said they were “heartbroken” to tell people that their “Longman and storyteller” dad had died.

In 2011, Roach was diagnosed with lung cancer. The year before, he had a stroke. Later, half of his lung was taken out. Their statement said, “Archie wanted all of his many fans to know how much he loves you for being there for him along the way.”

Ruby Hunter, Roach’s wife, and musical partner died on February 17, 2010, at the age of 54. Roach had a stroke on October 14, 2010, while he was working in the Kimberley area. After getting better, he went back on stage in April 2011. He also beat lung cancer because it was found early in 2011 and he had major surgery. He was looked up to as a wise old man by his people.

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