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Anime World Tower Defense Codes: What Are All The Codes In Tower Defense?


Lazy Cat Studio has created a new game called Roblox Anime World Tower Defense. Collect coins by completing tower defense levels and use them to acquire more towers. As you gather more experience, you can unlock more potent skills by upgrading them. Demonstrate the effectiveness of your strategies by completing all of the stages.

If you’re looking for freebies, then our list of Anime World Tower Defense codes is the place to look. If you’re unsure about how to redeem codes in Anime World Tower Defense, you may find instructions below the list of codes! Be sure to bookmark this page by hitting CTRL + D on your keyboard or by tapping the Add to Favorites icon on your mobile device.

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Codes for Anime World Tower Defense Codes Roblox July 2022

Below is a list of active Anime World Tower Defense Roblox codes for July 2022. The first one is the most recent, thus it will likely be active for some time. The second and third are quite fresh, however, the remaining four are somewhat outdated; therefore, you should redeem them as soon as possible. We have no control over when the codes expire; that decision rests solely with the developers. With that said, below are the codes and their associated benefits.

  • AWTDRelease – Redeem the code to get 50K Gold & 25 Puzzle Pieces
  • 10KLikes – Redeem the code to get 50K Gold & 25 Puzzle Pieces
  • 1Mvisit – Redeem the code to get 50K Gold & 25 Puzzle Pieces
  • SryForALotOfShutdown – Redeem the code to get 50K Gold
  • SryF0rShutD0wn – Redeem the code to get Puzzle Pieces
  • Calypso – Redeem the code to get 25 Puzzle Pieces
  • game release – Redeem the code to get 20K Gold

What Are All The Codes In Tower Defense?

Working All-Star Tower Defense codes
  • summerwoo2022 – 750 Gems and EXP IV.
  • owouch – 400 Gems.
  • changesjune – 450 Gems.
  • ticketupdate – 400 Gems.
  • newaprilupdate – 450 Gems.
  • allstarspring – 450 Gems.
  • NavyXFlame130kNoLeak – 500 Gems and Omega Rare!!! EXP IV.

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