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Alan Wake 2 Release Date Status: Official Gameplay, Storyline & Much More In Details

In 2023, Alan Wake 2 will come out. After ten years, Remedy Entertainment has returned to the Alan Wake series. The classic Xbox 360 psychological thriller has been changed into a full-fledged survival horror game. Alan Wake 2 was announced at the Game Awards 2021. Remedy’s creative director, Sam Lake, hinted that the company has been working on ideas for this sequel for almost a decade.

Remedy Entertainment has been very careful to keep information about Alan Wake 2 a secret so far. But as we get closer and closer to 2023, we’re getting more information about the Alan Wake sequel. Here’s everything we know about Alan Wake 2 so far, from the first teaser trailer and story details to new concept art and updates on the game’s development.

Alan Wake 2 release date

The Alan Wake 2 release date has been set for 2023, according to the game’s creator, Remedy Entertainment. Although the developer has not yet confirmed a more precise launch date, he or she has pledged to provide frequent updates on progress in the upcoming months. Given that the first Alan Wake game came out in 2010, Remedy won’t be in a rush to create this eagerly anticipated sequel.

Alan Wake 2 gameplay

The initial Alan Wake 2 gameplay demo was supposed to be shown off by Remedy during the summer of 2022, but the publisher finally decided to push out the big announcement for a later time. The cause? Instead of devoting more time to a polished demo, the team wants to keep working on the full game.

“To create a proper, polished demo or a trailer takes a lot of effort, and it’s several months of work that could take away from development,” he continued. “We feel that we have momentum going, and we want to make sure we are creating the best, and first, survival horror game for Remedy. We don’t want to take the team away from that focus, so we’re going to keep going and making a great game experience, and unfortunately, you’ll have to wait a bit longer for a demo and trailer.”

Alan Wake 2 story: Spoilers ahead for the original Alan Wake

To release his wife at the conclusion of the first game, Alan consented to be imprisoned in the “Dark Place.” Alan discovers more about the reasoning for the Dark Place in the next DLC episodes, “The Signal” and “The Writer,” and finally finds freedom by facing the Irrational Alan inside himself. He then creates the novel Return. Could Alan encounter something from the book in the sequel? The remedy is being tight with the specifics, but it appears that the game will address some significant concepts.

Project Big Fish had been the sequel’s internal codename up to the announcement, according to Lake. “Ideas, according to David Lynch, “are like fish.” Stay in the shallow water if you wish to capture little fish. But you have to dive deeper if you want to capture the big fish. Our main catch is Alan Wake 2. We are plunging into a sea of gloom at greater depths than before.”

Alan Wake 2 development

Alan Wake 2 is being created by Remedy Entertainment using their in-house game engine Northlight, and Lake promised that it will be “the best-looking, most gorgeous Remedy game ever.” The engine was also utilized by the company for several of their earlier titles, including Control.

“We feel that because we know Northlight so well, we can focus on some elements and push certain things ahead, especially for this sort of experience where atmosphere and stylization are more crucial than ever before.”

Among other things, the team has continued to experiment with concepts for the sequel, according to Lake’s article on the PlayStation Blog.

“For over a decade, after Alan Wake, in between every project we have made, I have eagerly worked on Alan Wake 2 with a small core team, dreaming up different incarnations of the concept.”

The article also implied that Alan Wake 2 variants that will never be released were included in this process.
“It is easy to feel happy and excited now that Alan Wake 2 is finally happening based on our latest iteration of the concept, and not the ones that came before that.”

Alan Wake 2 Platforms:

So far, Alan Wake 2 will be available on PS5, Xbox Series X, and PC. Remedy has also said that Alan Wake 2 will be available on PC through the Epic Games Store. This is because the upcoming survival horror game is being published by Epic Games. Alan Wake 2 is not expected to come out on PS4, Xbox One, or Nintendo Switch, which doesn’t come as much of a surprise given that it will come out in 2023 and use new-gen technology.

Alan Wake 2 – Trailer

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