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Who Is Andy Grammer Wife And What Factor Brought Them Together?

With every episode, The Bachelorette Season 18 is becoming more captivating. The new episode, which is scheduled to air on Tuesday, has Andy Grammer as a guest star.

The S-Curve Records-signed singer-songwriter is well-known for his tracks, “Keep Your Head Up” and “Honey, I’m Good” (Magazines and Novels). Discover more about his personal life and the person the celebrity is married to!

Who Is Andy Grammer Wife?

Aijia Lise Grammer, a singer and performer, is Andy Grammer’s wife. She’s even had an appearance on The Voice. Lise continued to pursue her aspirations despite the judges’ disapproval of her audition. She and her husband are frequently spotted together on stage.

Who Is Andy Grammer Wife
Who Is Andy Grammer Wife

Aijia has established herself in the music and entertainment industries, doing everything from producing music for commercials to providing backing vocals for well-known musicians.

Here is an official Instagram post for your perusal:

The Enchanting Love Story Of Grammer And Lise

Andy, the guest star on The Bachelorette, and his spouse Aijia both received their degrees from California State University, Northridge. The pair claims that at first, they were just acquaintances and were not drawn to one another.

Aijia was a party girl, whereas Grammer was more “uptight.” It seemed that their only shared interest was a passion for music. When Aijia aided Grammer during a concert, it served as a unifying aspect.

The Enchanting Love Story Of Grammer And Lise
The Enchanting Love Story Of Grammer And Lise

When Aijia asked the singer if he liked her after the performance, he replied negatively. However, he had second thoughts and they started dating a few days later. As you read about famous people, don’t forget to learn about Michael Rapaport wife.

Then Grammer made her the most wonderful and passionate proposal. Telling the story, Aijia remarked: “Andy shows up at my house one day. He’s in a suit, he blindfolded me and threw me in the car, and I didn’t know what we were doing.”

Following a theatrical French setup, the couple became engaged and married in 2012. The intriguing aspect of the pair was that, in spite of Aijia’s disapproval, Grammer managed to save himself till marriage. They are currently enjoying a happy marriage, have two daughters, and are in the prime of their careers.

You can see the picture of Andy and Aijia with their two daughters below:


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