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Who Is Michael Rapaport Wife And How Does He Discipline His Children?

Comedian and actor Michael Rapaport enjoys success in his field. He is a performer who can ace roles in films such as The Heat and The Sixth Day. Michael had his stage debut in 1990 in the film True Romance, but his popularity grew due to his stand-up comedy.

When it comes to relationships and his personal life, Michael enjoys keeping things low-key. He is now a father of two and a husband. Michael currently resides in Manhattan with his family. We will answer all of your questions about Michael Rapaport’s wife and his children in this article!!

Who Is Michael Rapaport Wife?

Since 2016, Michael Rapaport has been wed to the actress Kabe Dunn. His wife has been in a few on-screen productions, including Love for Rent, Tournament of Laughs, and In Session with Jonathan Pessin, despite not being in the spotlight as much as he is. However, Kebe’s relationship with Michael caught people’s interest the most.

Kebe keeps a lot of information about her personal life private, both in interviews and on social media. But her romance with Michael is not a mystery that is too difficult to discover. Despite being married in 2016, it is unexpected and charming to learn that Michael Rapaport and Kebe Dunn first met in the late 1990s.

Who Is Michael Rapaport Wife
Who Is Michael Rapaport Wife

Michael and his partner first met while he was filming his 1995 movie Higher Learning. But there’s no particular information regarding the time and location of their initial meeting. In addition, some media outlets said that they immediately began dating but kept it a secret.

Following the seven-year divorce from his ex-wife, Nichole Beattie, they were reconnected. Who knew, though, that his ultimate goal would be to reunite with his ex-girlfriend from almost thirty years ago? Certainly not anyone would.

Michael’s Instagram provided a little look at their relationship in the 1990s. The actor from Breaking Bad shared a cute photo of himself and Kebe celebrating their anniversary in Israel.

You can see the picture of Michael and his wife below:

Michael Discusses His Methods of Parenting His Kids

When Michael made an appearance on Dr. Phil in season 4, they discussed his practice of “disciplining” his sons. From his first marriage to Nichole Bettie, he had two boys. Julian Ali Rapaport and Maceo Shane Rapaport are the two of them.

“At the end of the day, I think the father has to be the boss. The mother has to be the boss. I think kids do better when setting up boundaries,” Michael stated there.

Michael and Dr. Phil were discussing the setting of his role as a father with three teenage children in the television series The War at Home. Michael had to “spank” his children in one of the scenarios to instill discipline in them.

The issue wasn’t with Michael’s portrayal in the show; rather, it was with his admission that he actually does it. He was disciplining his sons harshly, but not necessarily by spanking them. Remember to read about Jimmy Failla wife as you read about renowned people.

Dr. Phil responded by saying that keeping kids in an environment where they are unable to amuse themselves is the best kind of punishment. It’s an alternative to using physical force to discipline children.

A Half-Decade Of Marriage With Nichole Beattie

Michael Rapaport has previously been in several difficult relationships. He was previously married to renowned American writer and producer Nichole Beattie before getting married to Kebe Dunn. Her credits on shows like The Walking Dead and Law & Order: Organized Crime demonstrate her talent.

A Half-Decade Of Marriage With Nichole Beattie
A Half-Decade Of Marriage With Nichole Beattie

The two kids that Michael and Nichole had together, who are currently living with Michael and Kebe, were raised in a rather serious relationship. Apart from their desire to maintain their marriage’s privacy, there isn’t much information available about it. In the middle of this, you can also have a look at Deon Bush wife.

Nothing more than the date of Michael and Nichole’s wedding was revealed by the media; their ceremony was held out of the line of sight of the paparazzi. The couple wed in 2000, and sadly, their apparently trouble-free marriage had to terminate seven years later. In 2004, Nichole filed for divorce, and it was finally completed in 2007.

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