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Who Is Jackie Schimmel Husband? Meet The Man Behind The Mic!!

At the age of 33, Jackie Schimmel Haas was born in the United States. She presents celebrity podcasts. She became well-known for hosting the acclaimed podcast The Btch Bible.

Her December 2020 single “BTCH” peaked at number one on the US iTunes charts. Scroll down to learn everything there is to know about Jackie Schimmel’s husband from this article!

Who Is Jackie Schimmel Husband?

As the spouse of well-known podcaster and artist Jackie Schimmel, Andrew Haas is a gifted performer. He was born in the United States on August 18, 1990, and is currently 33 years old.

You can see the official Instagram post uploaded by Jackie Schimmel below:

They are an interesting couple to observe in the often-changing realm of pop culture and fame because of their dynamic partnership and common interests, which have drawn attention from the entertainment industry.

Who Is Jackie Schimmel Husband?
Who Is Jackie Schimmel Husband?

Who Is Jackie Schimmel Exactly?

A well-known podcast host, producer, writer, party animal, and professional jerk from the United States is Jackie Schimmel. The podcast The Bitch Bible is presently hosted by Schimmel. She is represented by 3 Arts Entertainment and Creative Artists Agency.

As a community college dropout, Schimmel held several temporary jobs until she attempted her first venture into web design and created a phony UCLA diploma, which helped her gain a sought job as a receptionist at a prestigious investment bank. Additionally, you can learn about Marta Kostyuk husband while you are in the middle of this.

She has contributed to television shows for NBC Universal, CBS Studios, and Sony Television. Schimmel created, produced, and hosted a reboot pilot for “Fashion Emergency” that was never picked up, in addition to hosting the digital series “What the Fashion!” for E! Entertainment.

In 2012, Schimmel, dissatisfied with her day job, started “The Bitch Bible,” an angry public diary that listed her complaints about the world. Executives at “Watch What Happens Live” saw the blog, and Schimmel was hired to serve drinks on the program.

Schimmel pretended to get food illness in order to appear on live television across the nation, which led to her being fired from her highly regarded position as a receptionist and being offered a podcast development deal to boot.

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