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Andy Cohen Honors His Father on His 90th Birthday

On Friday, Andy Cohen‘s charming father celebrated his 90th birthday, and the Bravo star published a heartfelt social media post to mark the event.

The well-known TV host recently sent his dad a social media greeting. In honor of his dad’s birthday, Cohen posted a heartfelt tribute. “My Dad is 90 today!!,” reads the post’s caption. You’re welcome, Mr. Lou! He is a wonderful role model who is polite, cool, fair, flirtatious, and intelligent. 

Recently, it was revealed that the well-known TV host celebrated his father’s birthday on social media. Cohen shared a heartfelt message on Instagram as part of his birthday greeting to his father. “My dad is 90 today!!,” reads the post’s caption. You’re welcome, Mr. Lou! He is a wonderful role model who is polite, cool, fair, flirtatious, and intelligent. 

Along with the announcement, Cohen also posted a carousel of images with the birthday greeting. It’s wonderful to see Mr. Lou looking magnificent in a black suit on his 90th birthday. He can be seen giggling with family members and posing for the camera in other pictures.

Who are Andy Cohen’s parents?

Cohen was born in 1968 to Evelyn and Lou Cohen in Missouri. Andy attended Boston University after graduating from Clayton High School, where he worked as an intern and producer at CBS News. When Andy came out in the 1980s, it helped them develop an even closer friendship.

Evelyn has a terrific sense of humour, much the same way Andy does. She said something incredibly meaningful at the time that he will never forget, and it has lingered with him all these years later. I should note that Evelyn is really comical, just like Andy. She said something wonderful at this poignant time that has stuck with him for a very long time.

He knew Evelyn and Lou were also pulling for his success as he attempted to make a career out of being in front of the camera. He established himself as a popular figure on the network in the early 2000s as the executive producer and host of various series on Bravo. He has even made cameo appearances on Watch What Happens Live with his dad many times over the years.

On the broadcast in July 2021, Evelyn and Lou had a good time reciting famous Real Housewives quotes that they had become known for over the years. The Cohen family made viewers giggle nonstop during the broadcast.

About Andy Cohen

Cohen has written books and produced movies in addition to hosting radio and TV talk shows. Later, while still an intern at CBS News, he produced episodes of “The Early Show,” “CBS This Morning,” and “48 Hours” for the network. When Bravo bought Trio, he became the executive vice president of development and talent for the new network.

He is the host and executive producer of the pop culture-based late-night chat show Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen. He established the “Radio Andy” channel on SiriusXM Radio, where he hosts the shows “Andy Cohen’s Deep & Shallow” and “Andy Cohen Live.” Cohen also worked as an executive producer on the documentary The N-Word, which won a Peabody Award, and on the reality competition TV show Top Chef, for which he won an Emmy.

Let’s take a moment to wish Mr. Lou a happy birthday, as it’s his birthday today. 

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