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Why does Jennifer Aniston hate social media? All you need to know

Recently, Jennifer Aniston revealed why she detested social media.

I despise social media. I’m not talented at it. In a recent interview with Allure magazine, the Friends alum admitted, “I hate social media.” I’m not good at it… “It’s torture for me.” 

Aniston stated, “I got on Instagram to debut my hair care line, which is why I joined in October 2019. When the pandemic struck, we delayed launching. I was therefore constrained to using Instagram. It isn’t a natural inclination.

It’s interesting to note that the “We Are Millers” actress also discussed her childhood sans social media in the magazine.

The Horrible Bosses star said, “I’m extremely happy that we got to experience growing up, being a teenager, and being in our 20s without this social media aspect.”

“Look, the internet has good intentions, right?” she said. Social networking enables social connections. It is related to how young girls compare themselves to others and feel hopeless.

There is no one who is “ever going to be famous” the way the 53-year-old is, according to several journalists.

“That kind of mass-fame phenomenon that’s burned so bright for so long is just not achievable today.” “She’s like a silent-film star among a generation of TikTok dipshits,” they remarked.

“I’m a little choked up. I feel like it’s dying. There are no more movie stars. There’s no more glamour. Even the Oscar parties used to be so fun,” Aniston said in response to a question on how social media has a detrimental effect on Hollywood’s sparkle and glamour.

The actress revealed for the first time in the interview how difficult it was for her to conceive.

The next projects for Aniston are Murder Mystery 2 on Netflix and the third season of The Morning Show.

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