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All of Us Are Dead Ending Explained: Hint For Second Season Plot


An exciting trip from beginning to end, the first season of Netflix’s Korean zombie series All of Us Are Dead was quite the experience. Despite the fact that the final episode left a lot of questions unanswered, the overall message appeared to be one of optimism. There is optimism for the future, but it is tempered with apprehension. This sitcom maintained its surprise and surprising nature throughout its 12 episodes. There were characters who looked invincible (Gwi-nam may hold the television record for the most times he came back to life), and there were characters who we couldn’t believe died in such a shocking manner (Cheong-san, *tears*). Is one or both of them truly deceased? What will happen to the pupils and other survivors in the future is anyone’s guess. Let’s take a look and see what we can find!

Whatever happened to the Lees?


One of the most heartbreaking narratives revolved around the developer of the Jonas virus, which was responsible for the zombie outbreak in the first place. As a way of assisting his son in fighting back against bullies, Lee Byeong-Chan (Kim Byung-chul) administered an injection to him, believing that it would make him stronger. It did, but it also transformed him into the first zombie in the series… We learn that Lee’s son and wife are still in a zombie form in Episode 12 when they are discovered tied to the boy’s bed by what we assume to be government personnel. They’re two of the only zombies who aren’t slain on the spot when they appear. Instead, the highest-ranking agent on the scene informs his colleague that they will not be harmed under any conditions. He goes on to say that they should be “saved” and relocated to a different location. What happens to them is a mystery, although this image appears to refer to the fact that officials are still trying to find a treatment for the virus. The two of them could play a significant role in the second season.

They aren’t the only zombies to make it through the last episode, either. We also have Nam-ra (Cho Yi-hyun), despite the fact that she was never totally transformed. One of the most moving scenes in this climax is when the students eventually make it into town and are no longer under the control of the school. A fight with the last few zombies leaves Nam-ra separated from the rest of the party, causing her to purposefully lag behind them. A frightening voice inside her head keeps telling her that she’s hungry and that she should kill her pals in order to satisfy her hunger. She’s one of the most compelling characters in the series because, rather than succumbing to her animalistic impulse, she chooses to bite her own arm. When it isn’t enough, she turns to feed on the corpse of someone who has already died.

That’s when On-jo (Park Ji-hu) and Su-hyeok (Lomon) return to the scene and stumble across her body. She begs them to continue without her in order to prevent her from losing her will, but they refuse. As a response, Nam-ra strikes On-jo, but somehow manages to keep her teeth from biting her. For the same reason, Su-hyeok can’t bear the thought of hurting Nam-ra, even if it means sacrificing his friendship with her. This is the scene in which they make the decision to let Nam-ra depart. Besides, it’s likely that if the authorities found out she’d been bitten, she would be killed. As a result, she flees, and they set out in search of help.

The Weight of Loss

Upon reaching the quarantine camp, the surviving students find themselves burdened with memories of the losses they’ve endured: friends, siblings, parents, and their way of life. According to On-jo, in a particularly moving passage, “I was already aware of the sorrow that comes with being a survivor, but I didn’t realize just how heavy that sorrow would be.”

Given the fact that she had already lost her mother prior to the events of this series, and that she has since lost her best friend, I-sak (Kim Joo-ah), her lifelong friend, Cheong-san (Yoon Chan-young), her father, and most recently, Nam-ra, who has become a friend despite their initial dislike of each other, this is particularly poignant.

There’s a Glimmer of Hope

However, this is where the ray of hope appears. Despite spending months at the camp, On-jo sneaks out to visit a makeshift memorial for those who perished in the outbreak on a regular basis. It is while she is there that she notices a light in the distance, which appears to be a fire burning on the roof of Hyosan High School. She immediately runs to investigate. Rewind to Episode 8, when the group gathered around a campfire on the roof, sharing long-held secrets and bonding in a way that only those thrown together in a disaster can accomplish. In that same interview, Nam-ra stated that she wished to sit around a campfire with friends again someday. As a result, On-jo immediately believes that it is her, and that she is attempting to communicate with them.

It is revealed that it was, in fact, Nam-ra who set the fire in the hope of seeing them again when the group makes a secret trip back to their old school under the cover of darkness. Instead of the tired and disheveled appearance she had when they last saw her, she appears refreshed and almost cheerful. She reveals that she has discovered others who are similar to her — those who have been bitten and infected but have refused to turn. She explains it in terms of how they are not yet adults but are also no longer children. Not completely human, but she’s also not a monster, which is a good thing.

Naturally, On-jo and Su-hyeok want her to accompany them back to the house, but she declines, stating that she “still has things to finish.” The group watches her disappear into the darkness like a half-ninja/half-zombie after she jumps off the roof, their faces a mix of shock, hope, and fear on their faces as they look for her in the darkness after her.

Since foreboding music begins to play at the conclusion of this scene, you can’t help but wonder whether Nam-ra and the others like her will be beneficial to the survivors, or whether they’ll eventually attack and turn against them completely. Due to their apparent superior strength and abilities, it is highly likely that they would prevail in a one-sided battle. Hopefully, there will be a Season 2 so we can find out exactly what that life-altering moment meant for the rest of the series.

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Love — and hate — have been lost.

While there was some speculation that Cheong-san had somehow managed to survive the explosion in the penultimate episode, it was pretty clear that he had been engulfed in flames and had fallen down an elevator shaft as a result of the incident. However, because he and Gwi-nam (Yoo In-soo) fell together and fought until the bitter end, there is some hope that he will somehow survive, especially considering that Gwi-nam has come back from certain death multiple times in the past. No one could have predicted that he would emerge from the elevator shaft looking like some kind of reborn ash monster. Considering that Cheong-san is a fan favorite and Gwi-nam is a favorite villain, it’s possible that the two of them will reappear in Season 2, despite the fact that it seems unlikely at this point.

Cheong-final san’s words, “I’m the happiest guy in this school!” tugged at the heartstrings of those who knew him. We know this because he and On-jo finally kissed, and he was able to assist her and the other survivors by ensuring their survival as a result. Although it was a heroic conclusion, given that this is a show about the rising of the dead, it is possible that he will return in some capacity. And, with Gwi-nam now (allegedly) dead, the surviving students can rest easier knowing that he isn’t on his way to take them away from their studies. Can they, or can’t they?

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