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The Ending of ‘Fresh’ Movie Explained: Does Noa Die in the End?


In Fresh, Daisy Edgar-character, Jones’s Noa, encounters a charming man who is hungry for more than just love, and the horrors of dating for women in today’s world are explored.

Fresh is a horror-comedy set in the digital age of online dating, though the film’s conclusion may require some explanation. Daisy Edgar-Jones portrays Noa, a young woman who has been chronically single for a long time. Sebastian Stan portrays Steve, the seemingly charming new boyfriend of Noa. Fresh is a horror film masquerading as a rom-com about the horrors of dating as a young woman in today’s world. It is filled with sex, lies, and cannibalism, among other things. Fresh, a film directed by Mimi Cave and produced by satirical filmmaker Adam McKay, is like a feminist version of Get Out with a Sweeney Todd twist, according to the film’s producers. Instead of stealing their bodies in the style of Invasion of the Body Snatchers, Sebastian Stan’s Steve runs a business where he sells their bodies for meat, piece by piece, as he did in the original film.

For Noa, as for many other young women, the online dating process has left her feeling dejected. Her first appearance on screen is during a disastrous date with a guy she met on a dating app, who treats the waiter with contempt, insults her clothing, and even steals the food that she had to pay for herself. She confides in her best friend Mollie (Jonica T. Gibbs) about her lack of success in the dating world, and Mollie advises her to adopt a “f*ck it” attitude about the whole thing. Shortly after that, Daisy Edgar-Jones’ character encounters Sebastian Stan’s Steve at the grocery store, and because he appears to be pleasant and charming, she agrees to provide him with her phone number. They immediately hit it off and begin dating, but after she agrees to accompany him on an impromptu trip (against Mollie’s better judgement), she quickly discovers that he is a human butcher and that he intends to put her on the menu.

Besides being a cannibal, Steve also kidnaps women and cuts off pieces of their bodies to sell as meat, keeping them alive as long as possible in order to “keep the meat fresh,” according to the story. Noa, Mollie, and Penny (Kim’s Convenience star Andrea Bang), who was also taken hostage by the psychotic Steve, who is actually a man named Brendan, must fight for their lives in order to escape from him. A few of the film’s bloody scenes are downright stomach-churning, but the film makes up for it with wit and charm, much like its antagonist. Fresh is currently streaming on Hulu and can be seen in its entirety here. How Steve’s victims manage to escape with their lives is explained in detail in the following scene from Fresh.

Fresh’s Ending Explained

Steve entices women with his good looks and witty banter, with the intention of later selling them as meat to high-end clients in Fresh. After realizing that Steve has a thing for her, Noa turns up the charm and persuades him that she wants to be with him despite the fact that he has kidnapped her and is planning to sell her body for meat in the future. During the course of the film, Stan’s charming serial killer takes her out on a special “date” and shows her the wall of “trophies” that he has collected from his victims–which includes Mollie’s cell phone. Noa seduces Steve over the course of the evening, and when he lets his guard down, she takes advantage of him by biting off a portion of his penis, a move that has been copied many times. When the opportunity to flee presents itself, Noa rescues Mollie and Penny and they make their way out of town.

Fresh's Ending
Fresh’s Ending

As a first step toward regaining her power, Noa employs Steve’s own strategies against him to her advantage. She, as well as the other women that he kidnaps, are treated as if they were literal meat pies. As representatives of women who have suffered at the hands of men, Noa, Mollie, and Penny knock him out in the kitchen and later kill him and his wife, Ana (Charlotte Le Bon), who supports his cannibalism, they provide vindication for those who have suffered at the hands of men. Fresh’s conclusion is eerily similar to the ending of getting Out, in which Chris manages to escape the Armitages before they can remove his brain from his body. Like the Armitages in getting Out, Steve commodifies the female body in Fresh, literally removing Noa’s butt, which is a highly desired part of a woman’s body, to sell as meat. Similar to Chris, Noa and the other women must figuratively kill their oppressors in order to escape with their lives, as well.

What criteria does Steve use to select his victims?

When Steve first encounters Noa, she is at the grocery store, standing under a sign that reads “fresh meats.” Noa and Steve become fast friends. Despite the fact that this is only a light-hearted nod to his true intentions–finding fresh meat at the grocery store–Noa is exactly the type of person that Steve is looking for, using a method similar to that of Sweeney Todd, who turns his victims into meatpies. At the end of their first date, she confesses to Steve that she has no family because her father has passed away and she is estranged from her mother, which gives Steve the impression that no one will be looking for her. He also checks to see that Noa hasn’t revealed too much about him to anyone else, and he appears satisfied that she has only told her best friend Mollie that she has met a man. While being held hostage at Steve’s cabin in the woods, Noa learns that Penny, the woman who Steve was holding in the cell next to her, was seduced in a similar manner and that she, too, has no one in her life who can alert authorities if she goes missing. While being held hostage at Steve’s cabin in the woods, Noa learns that Penny, the woman who Steve was holding in the cell next to her, was seduced in a similar manner and “Human butcher” Steve prefers to prey on women that most people would overlook, which has allowed him to make a successful career out of his work.

What is Ann’s motivation for working with Steve?

During a visit to Steve’s home in the course of her search for Noa, Mollie discovers that Steve’s wife Ann has a missing leg. Ann is revealed to be assisting Steve in his cannibalistic endeavors, but she also appears to have been a victim of Steve’s at some point in the past as well. It appears in one of the magazines that Steve gives to Noa while holding her hostage, and it is written by a previous victim who suggests that giving her the magazines indicates that Steve has a soft spot for her. The fact that the note was left by Ann, despite the absence of any evidence to the contrary, serves as evidence that Steve has previously formed a romantic connection with one of his victims. After all, why would Ann offer assistance to Steve if she was once one of his victims?

Ann represents the victim who, in the end, sides with the oppressor and, worse, who keeps others down in order to rise to the top of the hierarchy. She had been in the same situation as Noa at one point: a woman who had been kidnapped and was being mutilated by a man she trusted. Whereas Noa’s desire for self-preservation drives her to devise a plan for escaping, Ann appears to have developed a strange attachment to her captor. Not only does she sympathize with Steve, going so far as to marry and have children with him, but she also actively assists him in causing harm to other people. Fresh screenwriter Lauryn Kahn stated in an interview with The Hollywood Reporter that Ann represents women who do not support other women. While presumably one of Steve’s victims herself, she has fully aligned herself with him and even attempts to assassinate Noa for killing him, weighing the importance of keeping him happy against the lives of the other women he has tortured and murdered.

Who Are The Men At The Table?

Steve sells his human flesh to wealthy clients who are willing to spend a lot of money in order to consume his “exotic” product. There is a brief glimpse of some of those clients during the mid-credits. All of the men are seated around a table with a pile of bloody human meat in the middle of it. Some are dressed in ostentatious suits, while others are naked, illustrating just how depraved these men truly are in their hearts. However, even though it is more of an image than a scene, it serves to demonstrate that Steve is only a small part of a much larger problem. These gentlemen are literally consuming the women around them, which, given their nudity, appears to be something of a sexual fetish for some of them. This is a visual representation of how men frequently regard women as “pieces of meat,” which serves as the metaphor that drives the entire film’s narrative. Women are viewed as objects by far too many men in positions of authority, as commodities to be traded.

Does Noa Die in the End

Noa is apprehended and brutally punished after attempting to flee Brendan’s captivity for the first time. Her buttocks have been surgically removed; she will take a long time to recover, but she is not dead yet. In a later scene of the film, when she bites off Brendan’s penis and tries to flee with the other girls, fighting breaks out between the two of them.

Noa is hurt in the process, but she is ultimately successful in pinning Brendan to the ground, disarming him, and shooting him in the chest. When Noa’s wife, Ann, attempts to strangle her after discovering her husband’s death, Mollie assists her by bludgeoning Ann as well. As a result, she emerges from the experience as a survivor.

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True Meaning Of Fresh’s Ending

Fresh is a social satire in the vein of 21st-century horror films, which are known for their social commentary. At its core, it is a critique of the modern dating scene, particularly the dangers that young, single women face when they are out on the town. There are plenty of good men out there, but there are also plenty of dangers and dates who could potentially cause harm as well. It also satirizes the way men in positions of authority disregard the bodily autonomy of women and believes they have the right to control women’s bodies.

However, on a more hopeful note, Fresh’s conclusion demonstrates how women can reclaim their power by banding together because no one else will. Three women who have been victimized by a man reclaim their power by figuratively killing the man who has victimized them. After hearing a gunshot, Mollie’s friend Paul (Dayo Okeniyi) drives away from the cabin rather than rescuing the women, leaving the women to fend for their own lives. Although Steve has taken everything from them, the women are able to free themselves through the help and support of their friends and family. In the end, rather than a romantic relationship with a man, it is the bond between Noa and Mollie that saves them. At the conclusion of Fresh, Noa receives a text message from Chad, her disastrous date from the beginning of the film, which simply reads “You up?”. Despite the fact that Noa’s experience with Steve is over, she is still plagued by the low-grade horror of modern dating and the feeling of being treated as nothing more than a metaphorical piece of meat.

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