Ozark Season 4 Episode 14 Recap

Ozark Season 4 Episode 14 Recap: ‘A Hard Way To Go’ Recap And Explained


Ozark Season 4, Episode 14 Recap

Ruth closes the hole prepared for the dead cartel member, Nelson, whom Rachel had slain the night before. She notices Wyatt across from her, simply staring at her. Foreshadowing what is to come, she keeps seeing Wyatt throughout the show, but it appears like seeing him calms her. Marty shows up at the construction site and threatens Ruth with exposing to Camila that she killed Javi. Marty’s ironic threat.

Then Marty meets Camila and shows her new bank accounts. The FBI has consented to transfer Omar, he says. That if Omar is murdered during his transfer, it will be “just fate,” meaning he will be killed so she can rule the cartel. Camila wants to meet with the FBI first.

Ruth sees Wendy in rehab. She tells Wendy she can’t control whether the kids stay with her, but she can do her part. Wendy swears. Ruth acknowledges that Ben would still be alive if she had left him there.

So Ruth invites Wendy’s father, Nathan, for a drink. Ruth’s friendship with Ben comes up fast. Nathan gets Charlotte and Jonah, and Ruth informs him he defeated Wendy by obtaining them. After that, she asks Nathan what he’ll do when he finds out Charlotte is Wendy and Jonah is Marty. Ruth accuses Nathan of not caring about the kids because he is casual about it. She doubts he actually cares about them. Ruth threatens Nathan with a gun and demands he informs Jonah and Charlotte they aren’t coming with him. Charlotte and Jonah enter and observe the events unfold.

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So Charlotte and Jonah go to see their mother, Wendy. Wendy acknowledges she’s doing something wrong, that she’s attempting to dominate both of them, and that Ben died because of her. She vows not to trap them and grants them freedom. The kids stay with the family. It doesn’t matter if Wendy is speaking the truth; the kids undoubtedly desired the freedom to think and act for themselves all along.

After Wendy persuades her kids, they all drive back home together, listening to wonderful soul music, taking the audience back to the start of season 4. Wendy is pleased to see her kids while conversing with Marty about their plans. Wendy tells her kids they have 48 hours to be ready. That is until Marty loses focus and nearly collides with a truck, flipping his car over. Marty escapes first, followed by his kids. Initially, Wendy is unresponsive; she is hardly breathing and needs Marty to pull her out. WENDY RESTORES BALANCE, RELAXING THE WHOLE

When they come home, Father Benitez informs Wendy and Marty that Omar Navarro is looking for them. The automobile collision was their last warning, he informs Wendy. Wendy calls it a guarantee of survival.

Ruth tells Marty that Nelson is buried at the bottom of her pool, and her face confirms it. Marty is frustrated and offers Ruth a fresh start, but she insists on keeping her identity. Ruth wants to know if Omar Navarro is truly gone. Marty invites Ruth to a meeting with the FBI to ensure that money will be laundered via the casino.

Wendy and Marty meet Omar. He tells them he thinks his sister Camila was behind the attack. He asks them to dial a hotline to “take care” of him. Omar looks ready to kill his sister. He thinks Camila killed Nelson. With everything in place, Omar urges Marty to return to Mexico to finalize the plan.

Camila, Wendy, and Marty encounter the FBI. They ratify Omar Navarro’s move (and be killed in transit). Then Ruth and Rachel. Before the meeting, Ruth seeks an apology from the FBI for Rachel’s treatment. Contrary to Ruth and Rachel, Camila’s bargain will be “verbal and binding.”

Wendy then meets Nathan, her father. She said the charity will keep donating to find Ben until he is found, and he will lead the effort. Wendy tells him he can have the mourning father, money, and religious position he desires, but not damage her. Wendy is protecting her new life.

The casino throws a party to celebrate the FBI deal and the foundation’s financing. Jim tells Wendy that his organization now has a waiting list of celebrities. And now it’s bulletproof. Wendy then tells Senator Schafe she’s urged her supporters in Michigan and Wisconsin to remove his voting equipment. She wants to clean up after him. In the last episode, Omar is transferred, but the crime lord is unaware of where he is.

Camila congratulates Marty and Wendy and welcomes Clare to the reception. She asks Clare whether she has any memories of her son’s death. Camila goes over Clare’s narrative, again and again, warning her not to take over her brother’s company unless she tells her something new about that day with her kid, otherwise, she will be killed if she does. Clare gives in and tells Camila Ruth Langmore murdered Javi. This is the finale’s pivotal moment. The Byrde family almost survived another catastrophe.

Camila threatens Wendy and Marty, knowing they are close to Ruth, with death if they warn her. Ruth’s life is at risk. Marty and Wendy are shell-shocked and helpless. Clare apologizes while Marty sneers.

Wendy hyperventilates and thinks of ways to save Ruth, but Marty thinks it’s impossible since it’s suicide. Ruth departs early. Wendy is afraid of losing Marty because of this, but he promises her she won’t. She fears this may be too much. Despite the challenges, Wendy and Marty’s love looks unbreakable.

Omar Navarro’s vehicle stops. The officer murders the driver and instructs him to board a plane. As Omar leaves, the cop c***s his pistol. Because his chamber is empty, Omar is killed. Omar is gone.

When Ruth returns home, she notices a vehicle parked outside. She goes inside, but no one is there. Camila emerges from the trees, armed. Ruth knows Camila found out. “Murdering b***h,” Ruth tells Camila she isn’t sorry. Ruth orders Camila to clutch her pistol. Ruth collapses as a result. Fans may resent this, but it was unavoidable. Ruth also stands firm as she predicted. She died yelling at the person who shot her. She wouldn’t die a coward.

In the conclusion, Wendy and Marty are the most miserable people at the party, and they deliver a speech. They have given their children a new, safer existence, but at what cost? Ruth is frozen in place. She has over-trusted this family. Living in the Ozarks costs the Byrde family a mountain of death and grief. And when Marty and Wendy express their love, they realize how many others they have brought down with them.

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