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Alita Battle Angel 2 Release Date, Cast, Plot, & Other Details

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When will the second Alita: Battle Angel movie be out? Alita: Battle Angel, a popular science fiction movie, took more than 16 years to make because it was a long, complicated process. When the movie came out in 2019, it was the end of a long-term project that Avatar director James Cameron had been excited about for a long time. Since 2003, Cameron had wanted to make the Manga comic come to life.

The end of the first movie set up the second one perfectly. But why is there still no information about when Alita: Battle Angel 2 will come out when there are so many fans who want to see more of their favorite Hunter-Warrior and the cast is ready to go?

Of course, making a movie isn’t easy, and it’s not a quick process either. Alita: Battle Angel came out a few years ago, so many people are probably wondering when they can see a sequel to the epic action movie. Even though Alita 2 hasn’t been given the go-ahead just yet, we’ve found out everything we can about it to keep you up to date.

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Alita Battle Angel 2 release date

Last year, on February 6, 2019, a fox from the 20th century opened the Alita: Battle Angel movie in the United Kingdom. Before it came out in the U.S. on February 14, it had already been shown in several other Asian countries.

The movie came out on February 2, and it quickly came in second at the box office. Disney bought 21st Century Fox and 20th Century Fox Film Studio in March of 2019. The movie made more than US$400 million around the world.

Sources say that Alita: Battle Angel 2 could come out sometime in 2023 or 2024. Robert Rodriguez, who is in charge of the movies, has talked about the possibility of a sequel.

The director said to Forbes, “I think anything is possible. Since Disney bought Fox and has Disney Plus, it’s worth talking about.

Alita Battle Angel 2 plot:

The movie is clearly meant to tell a full story, even if it doesn’t answer all of our questions.

Hugo, Alita’s boyfriend, dies, but she has learned more about herself and her place in the world. She becomes the Motorball champion and has a chance to go back to Zalem and talk to its leader, Nova.

In fact, there is a whole scene about Motorball that didn’t make it into the final version. Jon Landau, the film’s producer, told CinemaBlend, “We shot a training scene in an alley, where Hugo shows her how to do the street Motorball. “Really, that’s the only important scene.”

Even without the scenes that were cut, it’s clear that Rodriguez and Cameron wanted the movie to have a full story arc. Rodriguez said, “She now knows who she is, and she has a goal. It’s still a full story with a beginning, middle, and end.”

Alita has lived for hundreds of years, but there are still questions about her life. Cameron pointed out that Yukito Kishiro’s original manga doesn’t answer all of these questions either.

alita battle angel Plot
alita battle angel Plot

“Well, we have a plan for that, of course,” he said. “But it’s rude to set up a second part before you’ve proved yourself. That can come back to hurt you. We think of something like Warcraft, which was clearly made with the idea of making sequels. When the film doesn’t do well, we can make fun of it.

“But things like that don’t bother me. If the movie bombs, that will be its own punishment, right? It doesn’t matter if people laugh at us for failing.

So, we need to answer the obvious questions: What happened to Alita between “The Fall” and when she ended up in that junk pile in Iron City? How did Zalem make it through The Fall? What is the city like? And what does Nova, who is so mysterious, really want?

There are a lot of plans for what will happen next. Rodriguez said Cameron told him he wouldn’t send “all the 1,000 pages of notes.”

Rodriguez said, “I’ll send you, like, 600.” He thought Cameron was joking, but then 600 pages of notes on the Alita script came in the mail.

Rodriguez said, “There’s like a whole book about the trilogy.” “Because he does that all the time. “Here are three films.” Just so you know what to put in the first story and what not.”

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Alita Battle Angel 2 cast: Who will reprise their roles in Alita Battle Angel 2?

Rosa Salazar will undoubtedly return as Alita since she likes the part. She stated, “I’d play Alita till I died.” Thanks to performance capture technology, I probably could.

Christoph Waltz has announced he’ll return as Alita’s surrogate father Dr. Dyson Ido, a scientist, and bounty hunter.

“I’m saddened and astonished since I know it has followers,” he said in April 2020.

“I know people appreciated it, and I loved working on it and the result.

alita battle angel cast
alita battle angel cast

Edward Norton should repeat his part as Nova after the movie ends. Nova was difficult to cast since he “sets up a sequel.”

Norton was selected because the filmmakers wanted to collaborate with her on a possible Alita: Battle Angel 2 sequel.

Clive Lee was eliminated from the script. The filmmaker stated they should be saved for a sequel, although it’s unknown who would portray them.


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