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The Flash Season 8, Episode 17 Release Date Status: When Does The Show Come Back After A Break?

The eighth season of The Flash airs every Wednesday, but when will the seventeenth episode come out? When does the next “Keep It Dark” episode come out?

Barry Allen hasn’t had the easiest time in Central City. He’s had more bad things happen to his family than anyone should have to go through. He’s also gained superpowers, fought evil enemies from the future he didn’t even know he had, traveled through time, defeated aliens, and dealt with the end of the universe (or, well, multiverse).

The Scarlet Speedster and his team had to deal with another alien invasion after that. But this one came in the form of the bad guy Despero, who was afraid of what was going to happen in the future and tried to kill Central City’s hero. Barry beat Despero and his archenemy Reverse-Flash at the end of the Arrowverse crossover event.

After a long break, the show came back with an episode in which Bart Allen and Nora West-Allen got into trouble in the past. This was the official start of the eighth season. But we were soon back in the present with Team Flash for more adventures, and things have taken some surprising turns this season.

So, when can fans look forward to the next part? Well, we’ll have to take a break for a while.

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The Flash Season 8, Episode 17 Release Date

Wednesday, June 8, at 8:00 p.m. ET, The Flash season 8 Episode 17 will return to The CW.

The Scarlet Speedster will be worried about a possible new speedster in town in the episode “Keep It Dark,” which is why he will go to Lian Yu to see Eobard Thawne. It could also talk about what happened after Barry’s shocking choice in the last episode to destroy all of Caitlin’s work to bring back Frost.

The episode about Caitlin and Frost is directed by Danielle Panabaker, who has worked on The Flash before.

How Many Seasons Will There Be?

It’s still not clear if Season 9 of The Flash will be the last, but the show is now the third-longest one in The CW’s history, no matter what. Now, only Smallville and Supernatural are ahead of it in that way. Every Wednesday at 8 p.m., new episodes of Season 8 of The Flash come out. E.T.

Why Doesn’t Season 6 Of Flash Show Up On Netflix?

Even though Batwoman ends on The CW on May 17 (the same night as Supergirl), it will not be added to Netflix like The Flash. Deadline says that the first 20 episodes of the Ruby Rose series will be on HBO Max in September 2020. This is down from the original 22 episodes.

Twitter Reacts To Another Hiatus

This The Flash fan thought it would be a good idea to respond to the show’s break by posting a gif from Constantine:

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