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Yu-Gi-Oh! The Cross Duel App for iOS and Android Will Be Available Soon

Yu-Gi-Oh Cross Duel, Konami’s next four-player mobile Yu-Gi-Oh game, has a release date. On September 6, Yu-Gi-Oh Cross Duel will leave early access and debut worldwide on iOS and Android. The game will be available for download via the App Store and the Google Play Store. It will be free to download and play, but it has built-in microtransactions.

While Yu-Gi-Oh Cross Duel’s gameplay is inspired by the Trading Card Game (TCG), significant differences set it apart. One significant departure from standard Yu-Gi-Oh is that each game has four players. So, to put it in Konami’s words, you will need to “target key opponents, form temporary alliances, and break them when the time is right” (a phrase taken directly from the game’s press release).

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Comparisons to Magic: The Gathering’s Commander format is inevitable, and in fact, some of the Ace Monsters in Yu-Gi-Oh Cross Duel function similarly to MTG commanders. In addition to always being in your opening hand, these cards also have potent effects that can and should influence your overall strategy and deck construction. Aside from the standard single-player mode, Yu-Gi-Oh Cross Duel also offers a suitable dueling option where up to four players can work together.

The new “Dueling style” in Yu-Gi-Oh Cross Duel is “highly intuitive, even for newcomers to the Yu-Gi-Oh! series,” according to Konami. As far as I can tell, it is more complicated in some places and simplified in others. There is a shortened turn structure where you only receive one Main phase per round, and battles only last eight turns total.

In Yu-Gi-Oh Cross Duel, we introduce a brand new customization method. You can customize your monsters in Yu-Gi-Oh as you desire by adding or removing Skills from your deck. The official Yu-Gi-Oh Cross Duel Twitter reports that the game has received over 500,000 pre-registrations, exceeding expectations.

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At the time of the game’s release, every player will receive 600 gems at no cost. However, it appears that this is only the title’s less valued ordinary money and that the premium currency, known simply as “crystals,” is entirely termed something else. Nearly a year after its October 2017 closed beta launch, Yu-Gi-Oh Cross Duel will have its worldwide release on September 6.

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