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Wow Dragonflight Release Date: Teaser, Content, Heroic Edition & Many More

The next World of Warcraft expansion, titled WoW Dragonflight, has been announced by Blizzard. There has been an official start date for Dragonflight Alpha testing on July 14th.

When Will Dragon Flight Be Available in World of Warcraft?

While we do not have a firm release date for World of Warcraft: Dragonflight just yet, we do have a timeline for its arrival. Pre-orders for Dragonflight can be made from the Blizzard store, where we learn that the release date is “on or before December 31, 2022.”

As a result, there will be no need for players to hold up until the new year for fresh material. Anyone interested in trying out the expansion for themselves can do so by signing up to participate in alpha and beta testing on the World of Warcraft website.

Blizzard stated that “soon” alpha testing would begin in the expansion’s launch video. Once we receive more information on when the expansion will be available, we will post an update.

The Latest Teaser for the Big Screen

A big trailer was released on Tuesday, April 19th, officially announcing World of Warcraft: Dragonflight. The trailer depicts the Dragon Isles emerging from a long-lasting fog. Below is the teaser trailer for the upcoming film, which promises to be packed with exciting activities!

Content for World of Warcraft: Dragonflight

The Dragonflight expansion’s new zone, the Dragon Isles, is where dragons originally evolved. It has four distinct regions: the Awakening Shores, the Ohn’ahran Plains, the Azure Span, and the venerable Thaldraszus. The Dragon Isles have always been shrouded in mystery, but now you can dive headfirst into their buried secrets as you soar above the world of Azeroth.

dragonflight wow

Blizzard said that the Dragon Isles were formerly the world’s epicenter for the dragon kingdom. A long time ago, when Azaroth was split into its continents, magic went dormant, forcing dragonkind to abandon the Isles. It should come as no surprise that dragons’ elemental force will not lie dormant for much longer.

It is not just dragons you will meet in the Isles; there are a number of different humanoid species living there. The elemental half-giants known as the Djaradin have long been at odds with dragons. Tuskarr, who resemble walruses, are also reappearing. Blizzard also notes that the Isles once had a thriving Centaur culture.

More Details on the Dragonflight Editions of World of Warcraft and Their Pre-Order Benefits

Pre-ordering the new WoW expansion guarantees you some sweet pre-order bonuses. Some of the benefits of the expansion can even be enjoyed ahead of schedule. Prices for the four different Dragonflight expansion “editions” will vary. Prices range from $49.99 for the Standard Edition to $80.00 for the Heroic Edition to $129.00 for the Epic Collector’s Edition.


As usual, Blizzard is not slacking off when it comes to the awards players may get for Dragonflight, with the higher the version, the better the benefits. Listed below are the benefits of each publication:You get the Drakks Pet for free when pre-ordering World of Warcraft: Dragonflight.

Preorder World of Warcraft: Dragonflight for the Heroic Edition.

Instant access to a Dragonflight Character Boost, the Drakks Pet, the Tangled Dreamweaver Flying Mount, the Murkastrasza Pet, and more (level 60). Order World of Warcraft: Dragonflight—Epic Edition in advance.

A Drakks pet, a Tangled Dreamweaver flying mount, a Murkastrasza pet, a Dragonflight-Level Character Boost (level 60), 30 days of game time, the Timewalker’s Hearthstone effect, the Diadem of the Spell-Keeper for the head slot, and the Wings of Awakening for the back slot, with five color variants, one for each of the significant Dragonflights.

In addition to everything found in the Epic Edition, the Collector’s Edition also features an art book dedicated to the Dragonflight expansion, five pins depicting the five World of Warcraft Dragon Aspects, and a mousepad bearing the key image for the Alexstrasza-themed Dragonflight.

Dracthyrs, the New Race

The Dracthyr is a playable race coming to World of Warcraft with the Dragonflight expansion. Dracthyr is a dragon-humanoid species with the ability to glide using their wings and take to the air to soar while employing a variety of battle manoeuvres. Like Pandaren, Dracthyr will be exceptional in that they will not belong to any particular faction by default.


Evoker, a New Class

The Evoker class is a new hero class being added to World of Warcraft with the release of Dragonflight. Dracthyr is the only race that can be Evokers, and Dracthyr themselves are limited to no other classes. Evokers, like Death Knights, are heroes that begin at level 58. Like Death Knights, they will have their origin tale for players to explore through a set of quests. This class can vaporize the opposition from above the fray, and its skills and systems will mirror those of its Dracthyr and Dragonflight counterparts, with two specializations: Devastation (Ranged DPS) and Preservation (Healer).

New Area: The Dragon Islands

Dragonflight map

With each new World of Warcraft expansion, players are introduced to brand-new environments or reimagined versions of familiar ones. This will not change with Dragonflight’s release in World of Warcraft. Dragonflight transports players to the Dragon Isles and provides a new starting area for Dracthyr Evokers.

Changes in Gameplay

Large-scale alterations to the retail version of World of Warcraft’s gameplay are still being unveiled for the upcoming Dragonflight expansion.

Classes (New Talent Trees)

With the release of Dragonflight, traditional skill trees will return to World of Warcraft for the first time since the 2010 expansion Cataclysm. Thanks to two recent announcements, we now completely understand the Druid and Death Knight talent sets for Dragonflight. These new trees provide a large amount of additional versatility for both class and spec skills, and they will cause a significant change to the gameplay of both PVE and PVP.


dragonflight UI

With the release of Dragonflight, players will have more say on raid frames and what information is displayed or hidden. This involves bringing several popular features from addons that have been around for a long time into WoW itself and giving players more choice over their character’s nameplate.

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