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Futurama Reboot Release Date, Plot , Cast and Trailer

Futurama is getting back on the air. After Hulu made the news public, fans started getting ready for new episodes of the animated sitcom by The Simpsons creator Matt Groening.

After all, who does not like to see what happens when people who have been frozen for a long time meet robots and aliens? The show was first shown on Fox from March 1999 to August 2003. From March 2008 to September 2013, it was delivered on Comedy Central.

Fans have loved it for a long time, and it has won six Emmys, two Writers Guild of America Awards, and their hearts. So it should not come as a surprise that fans and the show’s creators are excited about a new 20-episode run that will soon be available on Hulu. Fans will be happy to hear that regulars from the show, like Katey Sagal, who voices Leela, are looking forward to returning.


Release Date

It is interesting to see that Futurama has a pattern with years that end in the number three. In 2003, Matt Groening said that Fox did not support the show when it was a sitcom on their channel. This led to the first cancellation of the show. In 2013, “Meanwhile,” the last episode of the seventh season, was shown on Comedy Central. Now, Hulu plans to bring the show back in 2023, but the streaming service has not given a specific date yet.

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Plot of Futurama Reboot

No one knows yet what the story will be about. But we can look back at the seventh season of Futurama, which aired on Comedy Central in 2013, to get an idea of what might happen. Fans will remember that in the show’s last episode, Fry got the courage to ask Leela to marry him. In the lab, Professor Farnsworth was working on a new Time Button that would let people go back ten seconds in time.


But after a series of bad things happened, Farnsworth’s button did something terrible: it froze everything in the world except Fry and Leela. Could the new show start here, with Fry and Leela wandering around New York aimlessly and Farnsworth trying to undo what the button did? Fans will just have to see.

Is there a trailer for Futurama’s new season?

No, there is not a trailer yet for the new Futurama.

The Cast of the Futurama Reboot

It is not really a revival if the original cast members do not come back. In February, John DiMaggio, who voiced Bender for all seven seasons of the show, said he would not be back. He did this because he and Hulu could not agree on how much he should get paid.

fururama reboot

It is hard to think of another actor who could do Bender’s voice as DiMaggio did. He is also known for voicing Jake the Dog in Adventure Time, Sandman in The Spectacular Spider-Man, and most recently King Zg in Disenchantment, another Matt Groening show. DiMaggio also sent a message to his fans on Twitter, telling them he would keep them up to date.

So, fans can rest easy knowing that the whole Planet Express crew will return. Billy West and Katey Sagal will be back as Fry and Leela, as well Tress MacNeille (Leela’s mom, Linda, and other roles), Lauren Tom (Amy Wong), Phil LaMarr (Hermes Conrad, and other roles), Maurice LaMarche (Calculon, Kif, and different roles), and David Herman (Scruffy).

How long is the Revival Series going to go on?

Hulu announced that the new season would have 20 30-minute episodes directed by Matt Groening and David X. Cohen, who also worked on The Simpsons. This means that the show will have 20 new chances to win awards. There could be more episodes of the show, but that will depend on how many people watch and how the public reacts.

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