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Will Smith Real Name , Why Did He Change It. 

Willard Carroll “Will” Smith II (born September 25, 1968) is an American actor, comedian, producer, rapper and songwriter. He has found success in television, film and music. In April 2007, Newsweek called him “Hollywood’s most powerful actor.

What Is Will Smith’s Real Name And Why Did He Change It?

The main reason he decided that he should name himself Will Smith instead of his father’s was that he wanted to keep it short so that audiences could more easily remember him. His character was named after him so viewers remember him as such and have his real name in the industry.

Name Got Will Smith Lucky

Will smith

Luckily for him, the program became a true phenomenon all over the world and from that moment on his path to success began with Bad Boys, Independence Day, Men in Black, Yo Robot, Pursuit of Happiness, I Legend, Hitch, Suicide. Squad and most recently King Richard.

Despite the fact that his latest project has disappointed critics, Forbes is one of the most fundable actors in recent memory for production companies such as Warner Bros. position him as a person.

Awards And Success.

“Smith has been nominated for a Golden Globe Award five times, an Academy Award for him two times, and a Grammy Award for his performance.

His popularity increased dramatically in 1990 when he appeared in the popular television series The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air. The show aired on his NBC for six seasons (1990-his ’96) and has been consistently syndicated on various networks ever since.

After the series ended, Smith transitioned from television to film, eventually appearing in numerous blockbuster films. He is the only actor to have eight consecutive films grossing over $100 million at the domestic box office and eleven consecutive films grossing over $150 million abroad. is the only actor to have eight consecutive films starring in the top spot.

Smith Has Been Banned From The Oscars .

Smith shocked the world when he slammed comedian Chris Rock for mentioning his wife, Jada Pinkett-Smith, to GI Joe. Concrete implications include the possible cancellation of Bad Boys 4 and his Fast and Loose on Netflix.


There are even concerns that Smith’s actions will slow the progress of diversity in Hollywood. It all started when Chris Rock Smith’s wife, Jada Pinkett, mocked Smith during the Best Documentary award presentation. “Jada, I love you. I can’t wait to see GI Her Jane 2,” joked the comedian, referring to her 1997 film in which actress Demi Moore shaved her head.

Question of the hour : Is Will Smith’s Movie Career Over?

Several projects starring Will Smith, who was reportedly in therapy after the actor infamously slapped Chris Rock in the face at the Oscars, have been canceled or put on hold together.

After the altercation, Apple delayed the release of Smith’s long-awaited film, Liberation, by a year. Before Slapgate, the film generated Oscar excitement.

Hollywood is going to spend a lot of money trying to determine if Will Smith will continue to be a promising star. If he comes to the conclusion that he isn’t, then Will Smith’s filmmaking days are over.

will smith 2

Interesting Facts About The Fresh Prince Of Bel-Air ,Willard Carroll aka Will Smith

  • Will Smith is the only actor to gross $100 million domestically with eight movies in a row.
  • Will Smith became a millionaire before the age of 18.
  • Will Smith’s home is equipped with paperless toilets.
  • Will Smith can solve a Rubik’s Cube in 55 seconds.
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