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Netflix Live-Action Film Bioshock Under Production-Francis Lawrence’s ‘Bioshock’ Rapture

The Netflix team is currently developing a film version of the BioShock video game. The recent announcement bodes well for the success of the video game adaptation.

On Friday, Netflix’s Twitter account shared additional information about the streaming service’s upcoming Bioshock film. However, the teaser image depicts Rapture, the location of the first two games, so the word “franchise” suggests it will cover more than just the first game.

There’s a good chance that the movie won’t cover anything from Bioshock Infinite, even if it does cover more than the first Bioshock.

The film adaptation of BioShock on Netflix has all the makings of a fantastic film. Studio efforts to develop a BioShock film adaptation have stalled for years. Gore Verbinski, director of Pirates of the Caribbean, was courted by Universal Studios to direct and produce a BioShock adaptation, but his commitment to the film’s high budget and R-rating ultimately doomed the project. The movie just recently showed up on Netflix, and the streaming service has already gotten a number of A-list actors to star in the Rapture adaptation.

About the Video Game “BioShock”

The first-person science fiction horror shooter was released in 2007 by Irrational Games (briefly known as 2K Boston) and 2K Australia, putting players in the role of Jack, a man who survives a plane crash over the Atlantic Ocean and finds the city of Rapture, a dystopian Art Deco metropolis at the bottom of the sea inspired by the Objectivist writings of Ayn Rand. In his search for a way back to safety, Jack will have to face off against the genetically modified residents of the dying city.

netflix bioshock

The game sold well and got good reviews, which led to two sequels (BioShock 2 in 2010 and BioShock Infinite in 2013) and made it one of the most memorable games of its time.

In 2008, the game’s publisher, Take-Two Interactive, announced that Gore Verbinski would direct a movie based on the game, with a script written by John Logan.

The film’s director, Ken Levine, confirmed the film’s cancellation in 2017, citing the underwhelming box office performance of 2009’s Watchmen, Verbinski’s insistence on a “R” rating, and then Verbinski’s departure as reasons for the studio’s decision to move on from the project.

Finally Bioshock Netflix Live-Action Film Under Production

The film will be directed by Francis Lawrence (I Am Legend, The Hunger Games: Catching Fire), and the script will be written by Michael Green (Logan, Blade Runner 2049). The film’s cast and crew remain a mystery. The release date and additional details will be announced at a later time.

bioshock netflix under production

This is not Netflix’s first foray into adapting video games to the big screen. A recent announcement stated that the Resident Evil series would be ended. That is why it failed to deliver the promised results. For the same reason, Cowboy Bebop was cancelled by Netflix after just one season. At the moment, Netflix is making live-action versions of One Piece and Yu Yu Hakusho.

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