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Will Donald Glover Appear In The Upcoming “Community” Film? Here Is Everything You Need To Know

A new “Community” movie has been revealed, which should excite fans of the cult classic television series. In accordance with the series’ meta-joke “six seasons and a movie,” the movie will be published in the future on the streaming site Peacock. With the news of a new movie, it was also revealed that most of the cast and the film’s creator, Dan Harmon, will be back. 

However, it was not all good news, as the return of a few cast members remained uncertain. Yvette Nicole Brown, Chevy Chase, and Donald Glover were omitted from the announcement, so it is possible that they may not reprise their roles in the film.

While the return of Yvette Nicole Brown and Chevy Chase may be an easier subject, the return of Donald Glover for the film is a bit more tricky. Let’s examine the data regarding Donald Glover’s appearance in the Community film and make a hypothesis as to whether he will truly return. 

There is one piece of evidence that may indicate that Glover will play a role in the forthcoming picture. Community actor Joel McHale, who portrays Jeff, was among the first to promote the picture. In his tweet, he tagged several members of the cast, including Donald Glover (and, amusingly, Gillian Anderson).

However, it should be noted that, as of this writing, Glover has not commented on the picture. However, it’s not like he hates the group, as he returned for the cast reunion table read in 2020, which you can view above. 

Due to his breakout music career as Childish Gambino and his blockbuster series Atlanta, Donald Glover has unquestionably become more well-known than he was when he appeared on Community. The “This Is America” singer appears to be working nonstop, whether he is appearing in television shows and films, creating new music, or touring. Consequently, he may be too busy filming the film. Even though it was announced that Atlanta’s fourth season would be the last, he might be able to film at least a cameo for the movie. 

The Community Movie Release Date

Considering the film’s recent announcement and the lack of information about its cast or production schedule, an official release date is premature at this point. It’s unlikely that it will come out before late 2023 or, at the earliest, early 2024.

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