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Why People Go On Holiday To Experience a White Christmas

When it comes to Christmas there are different things that help make that time of year magical for different people. However, across the board, a white Christmas is something that most people would agree make Christmas something really special. However, when you consider that it has been over 10 years since we last had a white Christmas in the UK, it stands to reason that some people choose to go on holiday over the festive season to give themselves the best possible chance of experiencing a white Christmas.

Traveling To Somewhere With The Best Chance of Snow

In a recent study by Betway Casino about which countries are most likely to have a White Christmas and if you want to head to one of these then you’re likely to be going to Russia, Estonia, Iceland, or Kazakhstan. These probably aren’t your traditional holiday destinations, but they are the countries that have experienced the whitest Christmases since 2009. In fact, if you went to Moscow you’ll have the best possible chance of snow, as they have had 9 white Christmases since 2009. 9 white Christmases out of the last 12 years give them a pretty high chance of having another one this year, so if you want to give yourself the best possible chance of a snow-filled Christmas then get booking a holiday to Russia.

Doing Something Different For Christmas

People travel at Christmas for a range of reasons but doing something different is definitely one of them. We often have a long history of family traditions that we’re used to, but these sometimes have to change or be adjusted due to someone passing away or relocating. As such, if your normal Christmas traditions feel like they would be too hard to carry out then traveling somewhere completely different really can help. There is something really magical about waking up on Christmas morning and seeing snow, so combining this magic with the need to be somewhere else rather than home drives some people to book travel plans for over Christmas.

The Perfect Christmas Gift

Christmas present shopping can be lots of fun, but it can also be really stressful. Trying to decide on the perfect present for a loved one is really hard – and we all know those people in our family that seemingly have everything and therefore are impossible to gift shop for. Although traveling is a pretty extravagant gift, if you have the budget for it then taking someone away for the chance to experience a white Christmas is a really wonderful thing. You could even speak to your whole family and agree that instead of buying each other gifts this year on Amazon you’ll get together and travel to somewhere with the best possible chance of snow. When you think about it, what could be better than waking up on Christmas morning, cooking breakfast with your loved ones and looking out at a snowy scene in front of you – sounds like a pretty perfect Christmas and by picking your holiday destination carefully you have the best possible chance of making that a reality.

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