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Jennifer Aniston Reveals Her IVF journey & Break up with Brad Pitt

Jennifer Aniston, a well-known Hollywood star, has been frank about her personal problems, particularly those she had when undergoing in vitro fertilization (IVF).

She has since overcome her shyness and begun talking openly about her two prior marriages, to Brad Pitt and Justin Theroux, respectively, as well as the fact that she has never had children. The celebrity, who gained notoriety as a result of the hit television program Friends, also claimed that the pregnancy rumors and rumors didn’t bother her and that she is now better than before.

Jennifer Aniston opens up about her struggle with in vitro fertilization

Jennifer Aniston has now spoken out about her two prior marriages to stars Justin Theroux and Brad Pitt, as well as the fact that she has never had children. She admitted to Allure that she had tried to conceive. Making babies was a difficult journey for me.

The Friends star admitted that “all the years and years and years of speculation… it was incredibly painful” in an exclusive interview with Allure magazine. Chinese tea, IVF—you name it, I was doing it all. I was giving it everything I had. If someone had told me to “freeze your eggs,” I would have donated anything. You owe it to yourself. You simply don’t consider it. I’m now where I’m supposed to be. The ship has left port.

She even discussed her experience with IVF. “I have spent so many years guarding my story about IVF,” she remarked. I feel like I get to keep so little to myself, which is why I’m so protective of certain areas. Because the [world] fabricates untrue narratives, I might as well reveal the truth. I feel as though I’m emerging from hibernation. I have nothing to conceal.

Brad Pitt and Jennifer on their breakup

Jennifer denied rumors that she and Brad Pitt divorced after five years of marriage in 2005 because she prioritized her career over having children.

“It was complete lies,” she told Allure. The claim that I was only self-centered… I was only concerned with my career. And God forbid a woman achieves success without bearing children. In the meantime, Jennifer recently rejoined with her Friends cast mates for an HBO Max unscripted television special titled Friends: The Reunion in May 2021. “This is the reason why my husband left me, the reason we split up, and the reason we destroyed our marriage” claimed Jennifer.

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