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Why Did Eric And Donna Break Up: Why Did Eric And Donna Break-up Bold And Beautiful?

On The Bold and the Beautiful, Eric and Donna are going to get a divorce, and newer viewers want to know how they met and what went wrong.

Eric Forrester was still married to Stephanie Forrester when Donna Logan first started dating him. Then he got a divorce to be with Donna, but it looks like he’s going to get a second divorce.

Let’s find out what happened on The Bold and the Beautiful between Eric and Donna.

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Why did Eric and Donna Breakup

When Eric kissed Stephanie and it seemed like they were going to get back together, Donna and Eric broke up.

Donna and Eric’s marriage ended, and soon after, Justin and Donna got back together and got married. But it didn’t last long, and after a few months they split up. They are still good friends, and they have a grandson named Rosie and a son named Marcus.

Nick Marone dated Donna for a short time, but they broke up after he admitted to helping Pam steal designs from Forrester in exchange for dates with him.

The Bold And The Beautiful Couple History

Eric and Donna Logan, Brooke’s sister, started dating in secret, which caused him and Stephanie to break up.

When Donna married Eric, his and Stephanie’s three kids, Thorne, Ridge, and Felicia Forrester, made it hard for her because they were upset that their parents had split up. They even tried to get rid of Donna from Forrester Creations because they thought she hadn’t helped the company in any way.

_eric and donna
_eric and donna

Will They Be Together Again?

In 2018, everyone was cleaning up after Thanksgiving dinner at the Forrester mansion. Donna told Eric that it made her think of the place where she and Eric got married. Quinn insisted that she and Donna would finish cleaning up, and she told Donna what she had said.

Then Donna put honey on Eric’s finger, licked it in front of Quinn, and said, “It’s good.” Then Donna tried to get back together with Eric, and they kissed. After Eric went to bed, Quinn broke a picture of Eric and Donna and put the pieces on the floor, where Donna found them.

Then Donna went into Eric’s office and listened. She saw Quinn and Eric kissing. When Quinn was leaving Eric’s office, she told Donna to “Shut up.”

More recently, Quinn’s affair with Carter has caused trouble in Eric’s marriage. Even though they have worked on their marriage since then, Eric has been spending more and more time with Donna.

After hearing Brooke tell Eric that he should leave Quinn for Donna, Quinn went to her love rival’s office and told her to stay away or else!

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