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Why Did Alexis Ren And Jay Break Up: How Long Was Alexis And Jay Together?

Remember when Alexis Ren and Jay Alvarrez’s steamy photos blew up Instagram? Fans were very sad when the golden couple of Instacity broke up a year ago. In the world of modeling, they are each doing their own thing.

Ren was named the 2018 Rookie of the Year by Sports Illustrated, and Alvarrez surprised fans with his first video in a long time. But people who follow these social media influencers are still thinking about how they broke up. What happened between Alexis Ren and Jay Alvarrez?

Alexis Ren and Jay Alvarrez broke up, but it’s not as simple as it seems.

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Trouble in Paradise

In 2015, Alexis Ren and Jay Alvarrez made their first big splash on social media. They posted about their wild vacations and real love on Instagram and YouTube, and overnight they became famous.

Social media has changed the way modeling works, so this couple got endorsement deals at the same time. They were caught on camera at events with lots of famous people looking crazy about each other.

Fans of Ren and Alvarrez were mesmerized by the way they looked together. But despite everything, there were signs that trouble was coming. There were rumors about a breakup for a few months before they said they were done.

They were the definition of #RelationshipGoals. But at an event they went to together in July 2016, they didn’t hold hands like they usually do for the cameras.

Their fans noticed right away that they were no longer following each other on Twitter and Instagram. And there was no sign of when they usually went on vacation.

_Alexis Ren And Jay
_Alexis Ren And Jay

Some of the pictures of them together had also gone missing. Aside from the paid posts on Instagram, they stopped posting new photos together.

#RelationshipGoals No More

After breaking up on social media, Alvarrez and Ren sent cryptic tweets that made people think they were still together. After months, they finally put an end to the rumors by saying that they had broken up.

In February 2017, the Instababe herself said that they had broken up. Ren told Cosmopolitan about how she changed her name and what made her do it.

Ren said, “When people in your life start with good intentions but then change their minds and break your heart, you have to learn from it, think about what went wrong, and ask yourself, ‘Where did I go wrong?'” Like, ‘How did I let myself get treated like that?'”

Even though the Internet celebrity doesn’t mention Alvarrez by name, it’s clear that they had a bad breakup.

“I don’t want to go into too much detail, but something happened with a person that made me think, ‘Wow, how did I let this person treat me like that?’ It was just that my heart was broken, and I thought, OK, wow, I need to step back and take back my power. So, I’ve had to do a lot of thinking and soul-searching over the last six months,” Ren continued.

The model then told her fans the truth about the breakup by directly replying to their tweets. She said in one message that they broke up because “the relationship was no longer good for his business.”

In the tweets, Ren made it sound like Alvarrez no longer cared about them as a couple. He is said to have put on a love show just for social media. When asked if their relationship was fake, she said that it wasn’t at first, but that fame changes people.

In the same set of tweets, Ren called him a “small d**k” to make fun of him. Alvarrez seems to have answered his ex right away with a video with the caption #BeTheBiggerPerson. He kept putting Ren down without directly calling her out in his posts.

Ren and Alvarrez have since started careers as models. But fans don’t seem to be over their breakup.

Some people hope that Alexis Ren and Jay Alvarrez will get back together, but others have already joined Team Ren or Team Alvarrez.

How Long Did Jay And Alexis Date?

Alexis and Jay seemed to have a great two-year relationship, but their breakup wasn’t the easiest. People thought their breakup was messy when she tweeted in early 2017: “That time you mistook a lesson for a soulmate.”

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