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Who Was Sending Letters to Marilyn Monroe? Was it Her Dad or Cass Chaplin?

Netflix’s “Blonde” is a fictionalized version of a pivotal event in Marilyn Monroe’s life. The film focuses on her romantic relationships, the strangest of which is Cass Chaplin and Eddie G. Norma Jeanne, when she’s still trying to establish herself as Marilyn Monroe, she’s in Hollywood. I meet her early in my career.

Who Sent Those Letters To Marilyn?

The bond between her, Cass, and Eddie are intimate and special for Marilyn, especially considering all three of her have complicated relationships with their fathers. But like all good things, Marilyn’s relationship with the duo came to an end.

Soon after, she begins receiving letters from her father, who has learned of her growing fame. He expresses deep regret that he was not there for her when she was a child and now wants to make amends.

Blonde movie accuracy: fact vs. fiction in Netflix's Marilyn Monroe biopic  with Ana de Armas.

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Did Cass Chaplin Send Letters to Marilyn as Her Father?

Throughout the film, Marilyn goes through a very difficult time in her life. Her marriage is not as loving as she had hoped, she is being treated more and more as an object rather than a person, and she is also heartbroken over her inability to bear children. increase. Either her pregnancy ends against her will or she suffers a miscarriage. She is addicted to drugs and alcohol and she feels lonely and friendless. Her only support is a letter from her father.

Marilyn received a letter shortly after she broke up with Cass and Eddie and her career took off. In all of his letters, her father seems to be a loving and caring man who seems to yearn to see her as much as she does to see him. Knowing all about divorces, and miscarriages, it is believed to have tracked both her career and personal life.

Marilyn Monroe teve um relacionamento com Charles Chaplin Jr?

He says every time he will contact her personally soon, but that day never comes. Eventually, Marilyn got a call from Eddie saying Cass was dead, leaving her with her gift. When she receives it, she finds a worn-out teddy bear inside.

It’s the same teddy she found walking down the street after telling Cass and Eddie about her pregnancy and was found to have been stored for many years. She believes this was a sign of his love for her and that he wanted a baby, too, but she wrote in her “address to her daughter” that “no father cried.” I found a written card. At that moment, Marilyn realizes that her father’s letters were actually sent by Kath over the years and that Eddie was involved.

It Is A Debatable Fact Whether What Cass Did Was Right Or Wrong.

Kath began writing letters to Norma in her father’s name. It brought hope into the dark, dingy tunnels of Norma’s subconscious. Thanks to these letters, Norma had the motivation to stay alive and not commit suicide, and she looked forward to the day her father could actually meet her in person.

Marilyn Monroe's lost love letters up for sale

Some might say it was an irresponsible act of manipulating a mentally unstable girl and endangering her life. But at first glance, it didn’t seem so. Cass didn’t mean to play with his feelings. He knew how fragile she was. He found his soulmate, so perhaps that’s why he had a vested interest in saving him.

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Just Like Monroe, Cass, Too, Was Going Through An Existential Crisis.

Before Kath died, she left a special memento for Norma. He told Eddy G to deliver to the girl who has a special place in his heart. He sent Norma the same little boy stuffed animal that reminded him of her childhood. He also sent a letter admitting the absence of his father. In fact, he was the one who sent letters all along.

When Cass left, the world lost its luster and became less magical. Perhaps Monroe, too, lost the will that prevented her from ending her misery and leaving this world forever.

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