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Who was Jesse Austin?

Viewers tuning into the March 7 episode of NBC’s hit comedy American Auto were treated with a bit of an unexpected closing message as the credits rolled. A dedication to Jesse Austin’s memory played at the end of Season 7’s “Young Designers” on NBC. The intention of the message was to commemorate Austin’s life, who passed tragically earlier this year under mysterious circumstances, but who was actually Jesse Austin?

Who was Jesse Austin?

Jesse Austin was a crew member on American Auto who was credited as a member of the show’s production staff. According to IMDB, Austin worked as a member of the NBC comedy’s production staff, contributing to the show’s creation from behind the scenes. Austin has worked on several TV episodes and films, including American Auto.

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Jesse Austin
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His other works include From the Ground Up, The Double, NCIS: Los Angeles, Curb Your Enthusiasm, and Beautiful Boy. Jesse’s dedication to his family was the one thing he cared about more than his art. Erin and their kids, Mason and Drake Austin, are the only living relatives of Jesse Austin.

A GoFundMe campaign was established for Jesse’s family after his “sudden and unexpected” death; as of this writing, it has raised nearly $48,000—more than four times the initial $10,000 goal. The Crowdfunding page features a dedication written by someone: “Jesse Austin worked hard. His family’s financial stability was always his priority. Thus he hated to turn down work.

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American Auto
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His Other Involvements:

According to his IMDb page, Jesse has worked as an electrician, rigging gaffer, and boom operator on previous sets. In 2011, Jesse started in the film and TV industry by working on the Richard Gere film The Double and the television show NCIS: Los Angeles. Since then, Austin has also worked on the likes of Curb Your Enthusiasm, From The Ground Up, the 2018 picture Beautiful Boy and, of course, American Auto.

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