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American Gospel Musician Keith Wonderboy Johnson Has Passed Away At The Age Of 50

The American gospel musician Keith Wonderboy Johnson was well-known for the Gospel Records album “Through the Storm,” he launched his solo musical career. Keith recorded 14 albums during a 13-year period with World Wide Gospel Records, Verity Records, Central South Records, Worldwide Records, and Black smoke Records. 

Is Keith Wonderboy Johnson Dead?

Keith “Wonderboy” Johnson, a well-known gospel singer, died on Friday at the age of 50. On May 17, 1972, Keith “Wonderboy” Johnson was born in Brooklyn. In 1998, World Wide Gospel Records released his debut gospel album, Through the Storm. 

Keith Wonderboy Johnson’s passing was the first online. Black Gospel Radio and Larry Reid Live were the first outlets to provide information on his passing. His cause of death wasn’t disclosed, either. At the age of 50, Keith passed away on Friday, September 30, 2022. Many people used social media to express their anguish. His loved ones were shocked by Keith Wonderboy’s passing. His cause of death is still unknown at this point. Keith “Wonderboy” Johnson is said to have died unexpectedly, but the time and place of his death are still unknown. 

Tribute To The Legendary Gospel Singer 

In an Instagram post, gospel singer and composer Ted Winn, who is one half of the award-winning gospel duo Ted & Sheri, said he was shocked and amazed.

Keith “Wonderboy” Johnson was described by Ted Winn as a gifted artist who always had a smile on his face. In the same way, fellow faith ambassador Titus Showers wrote in a post that he and Keith Johnson spent time together during the pandemic.

Titus went on to say that Keith Johnson had passed away suddenly, and he said that the world had lost a legend. He also said that Keith “Wonderboy” Johnson made heaven ring with praise.

In his post, Pastor E. Dewey Smith, Jr. mentioned Keith “Wonderboy” Johnson. Untimely death was unfortunate. He went on to say that Keith Johnson had treated him “graciously kind” for 20 years and had put him in touch with many people.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • When did Keith Johnson, aka “Wonderboy,” pass away? 

On Friday, September 30, Keith “Wonderboy” Johnson passed away suddenly, albeit the exact time and reason of his demise weren’t disclosed.

  • What was the title of Wonderboy Keith Johnson’s debut album?

The debut gospel album by Johnson was titled Through the Storm (1998).

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