Who Is The Rapper In Episode 8 of Ozark Season 4

Who Is The Rapper In Episode 8 of Ozark Season 4? Killer Mike Cameo, Explained


This is a great opportunity to mention Killer Mike, the hip-hop duo Run The Jewels’, who makes an appearance as himself in Part Two. The episode is titled “The Cousin of Death” and features Ruth Langmore driving to Chicago to exact revenge on Javi Alasndro for murdering her cousin. Langmore is listening to Nas’s classic track “N.Y. State of Mind,” taken from the rapper’s 1994 Illmatic album. Ruth meets Killer Mike while having coffee in a diner. After telling Killer Mike that she is a fan, Ruth walks up to him and shows him what she hears in her earbuds.

“It always feels like he hates the thing and misses everything at once. Langmore said that he was only fucking twenty.

Mike replies, “You know, Mike, I hear that there are Queens projects where you can kinda see Manhattan.” It was both hopeful and cruel, I thought.

I don’t mean to offend, but Killer Mike is welcome on my TV. He has had roles in ATL and Baby Driver as well as a voice-over role in America: The Motion Picture. One problem: I have one question. He has been known to speak much-needed wisdom to those who, you can guess, have no sense. I thought he would have some words for Wendy Byrde. “Maybe not leverage cartel funds into a mass effort at political dominance over the Midwest?” He might have said that. I’m not sure. Maybe he would just sit with Ruth and listen a lot to Nas. That would be fine, too.

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Ozark Season 4 Part Two Episode:

Ozark’s last season was broken into two parts, following the trend of many series releasing its final chapter in two parts.

Season 4’s first seven episodes were released on Netflix in January 2022, and the second portion will include another seven episodes.

We’ve highlighted the episode names below for easy navigation because the full of Part Two was released on April 29, 2022:

  • Episode 8: The Cousin of Death
  • Episode 9: Pick a God and Pray
  • Episode 10: You’re the Boss
  • Episode 11: Pound of Flesh and Still Kickin
  • Episode 12: Trouble The Water
  • Episode 13: Mud
  • Episode 14: A Hard Way to Go

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