Basketball Wives Season 10 Release date

Basketball Wives Season 10 Release Date Confirmed On VH1 For May 2022 | Latest Updates


We’ve got some exciting news for all of you Basketball Wives fans in the courtyard! Basketball Wives, the popular VH1 reality show, is returning for the tenth season!

It has been confirmed that the shady Basketball Wives will return for a tenth season on Paramount Global. The season is expected to have more drama and more realism, according to a variety of sources.

When it comes to spectacular reality shows, Basketball Wive is definitely among the best. After nine seasons, we’ve been glued to this American reality show starring Basketball players’ wives and girlfriends since it premiered in 2010.

Basketball Wives’ ninth season premiered in February 2021, and fans are asking if the show will return for a tenth season. The request appears to have been granted. The following is a comprehensive guide.

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Basketball Wives Season 10: Release date

In February 2021, the current season of the American reality television series that follows a group of ladies related to one other via their significant others playing professional basketball began.

As a result, a show that uses drama as the entertainment factor has become a huge hit with viewers. The streaming network Paramount Global has confirmed the renewal of Basketball Wives season 10 to keep viewers hooked on the show’s freshness.

Season 10 of the show will premiere on the Paramount Global-owned cabler on Monday, May 16 at 8 p.m.

Shed Media and Truly Original for VH1 produce the successful reality TV series. Tom Huffman is the show’s creator. Alex Demyanenko, Mark Seliga, Shaunie O’Neal, Pam Healey, Amanda Scott, Sean Rankine, and Lisa Shannon are the show’s executive producers.

Additionally, Shaquille’s ex-wife Shaunie O’Neal is set to return for season 10 as an executive producer.

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Season 10 of Basketball Wives: Who will return for the tenth season?

You’d expect that the extended cast would return for the following season, however, due to certain clashes in the previous season, a few cast members have been refused the opportunity to return to the show.

In the end, Evelyn Lozada, who has appeared on the show for nine seasons, has decided to leave. There was also a lawsuit against Kristen Scott, so she’s also out.

The 10th season of the show, created by Shaunie O’Neal, the former wife of NBA great Shaquille O’Neal, will witness the return of veteran cast members Jackie, Malaysia, and Jennifer, as well as Brandi, Angel, Duffey, Brooke, and British.

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What Happened In Basketball Wives Season 9?

The show has received a lot of backlash for its partiality and favoritism. Many people didn’t like him after they saw that the show had a lot of inconsistencies. Because of this, many people think that the show could be put on hold. Some fans don’t like to watch the troubled relationships between wives and girlfriends that some of the people are on. But a lot of people want the creators to keep making the series. We have to wait until the creators give us the official answer before we can move on.

Because of their fight in the ninth season, the feud turned into an ugly mess. Evelyn has called her ugly and used monkey emojis to insult her on social media. But a lot of the cast agreed with her and said that OG was being too aggressive. It shocked people who saw it.

basketball wives season 9 Recap
basketball wives season 9 Recap

Evelyn also said that she didn’t use the monkey emoji to insult OG in an interview. That made her cry and say that she and her kids were getting death threats. But some people aren’t happy with how he explained it.

Evelyn made a racist comment about CeCe Gutierrez in 2018. Many people who have watched Basketball Wives for a long time will remember this. Then, for this, she said sorry in front of everyone. A lot of people thought that Season 9 would solve all of the problems. This season also had a lot of problems. So, many people have high hopes for the 10th season of Basketball Wives.

Basketball Wives Season 10: Expected Plot

The series’ creators believe that Jackie Christie and Malaysia Pargo will capture the attention of viewers. However, some fans urge the producers to bring in a fresh cast. Despite the fact that the Season 9 scandal was not handled appropriately, fans are excited about Season 10. Before Season 10 begins, there is a lot to talk about.

Is Basketball Wives scripted?

The dramatic events shown in the show have raised questions in the minds of many of the show’s viewers. As a result of its dramatic content, this series has come under fire several times. However, the show’s fans like it for everyday entertainment. This series has a reputation for having a few plot lines that the producers have created for the performers to perform in order to delight viewers. They go to great lengths to make it as lifelike as possible. There are, however, certain comments and behaviors that appear to be rehearsed and not spontaneous.

Basketball players’ girlfriends or spouses have been known to share intimate details with the cameras in order to entice viewers. It also comes out as overly dramatic. As a result, the series has been accused of being scripted.

It is common knowledge on the show that adultery was a major factor in the breakup of many of the couples depicted. The show features several ex-girlfriends and ex-wives of basketball players. As a result, the show has become a popular choice for many fans.

There are several cast members that are good friends due to their time on the show. It appears like their connections are genuine since they help each other out when they need it the most. For example, Evelyn Lozada and Shaunie O’Neal have known each other for a long time. On top of that, they spend a lot of time together in front of computers and televisions.

This reality Show has also shattered friendships and relationships, according to Tami Roman, one of the stars. As the cast’s private lives become more widely known, it becomes more difficult for them to trust anybody. An NBA player once said that Matt Barnes’ appearance on the show was his greatest mistake ever. A bad, fictitious, and false depiction of their life is all that is shown on the show, he stated.

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