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Who is the Girl in the SUV Buick Envision Commercial? Meet Vanessa Curry

Buick’s Envision 2021 commercial has garnered attention for its unique concept and attractive star. In the ad, a woman enters the car after a grueling spin class, and she alter egos from the passenger seat and backseat offer suggestions to ease her post-workout pains. They also discuss music, wi-fi passwords, and parallel parking, which the car solves with its automatic parking assist feature.

While the ad is intriguing, it draws inspiration from a concept created by Instagram and TikTok influencer Katie Florence. Her idea featured a group of people all played by herself called the Kouncil, each representing a specific part of her psyche, much like the alter egos in the Buick ad. It also reminded viewers of Pixar’s “Inside Out,” which explored specific emotions.

Vanessa’s extensive resume includes a diverse range of work in the entertainment industry, including commercials for major brands such as AT&T, BMW, Home Depot, Gillette Venus, Urban Decay Cosmetics, Cover Girl Cosmetics, Applebee’s, and Target. Her acting credits also span across TV shows like “CSI: NY,” and movies such as “Barrio Tales 2,” “Behind the Trees,” and “Always and Forever.”

However, Vanessa’s true passion lies in music and dance. She has a remarkable history as a dancer, starting as a Laker girl and later joining the Pussycat Dolls as part of their third and fourth lineup. Her dance talents have led her to perform with renowned artists such as Christina Aquilera, Pitbull, and Sensato on stages like “Dancing with the Stars,” “XFactor,” and the iHeart Radio Music Awards.

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Aside from her successful career in the entertainment industry, Vanessa is also a social media influencer with a significant following on Instagram. She regularly promotes products she supports, adding yet another layer to her already impressive array of talents.

In conclusion, Vanessa Curry is the actress who plays the different versions of herself in the Buick Envision 2021 commercial. Her diverse portfolio of work in commercials, TV shows, and movies showcases her talents, but her focus on music and dance truly sets her apart. Whether dancing with pop stars or promoting products on social media, Vanessa Curry is a multi-talented performer to watch.

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Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Who is featured in the new Buick commercial?

A: The new Buick commercial features actress Vanessa Curry, who plays multiple clones of herself in the ad.

Q: What is the focus of the new Buick commercial?

A: The new Buick commercial promotes the futuristic Buick Wildcat concept electric vehicle.

Q: Who is the spokesperson for Buick?

A: Oscar-winning actress Reese Witherspoon is the spokesperson for Buick in the new ad campaign that targets female car buyers.

Q: Who is the soccer mom in the Buick commercial?

A: Miranda Kerr is the soccer mom featured in a different Buick commercial. In that commercial, she plays a mom who takes her son and his pee wee football team to their games in her Buick Enclave.

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