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Who Is Penny in ‘Top Gun: Maverick’? Know More About Jennifer Connelly’s Character

In the new Top Gun movie, Jennifer Connelly plays the role of Penny. For her work in films like A Beautiful Mind, Requiem for a Dream, and Labyrinth, Connelly has been a fixture in the industry since the 1980s and has won an Academy Award. You may also recognize her from her recurring role in Snowpiercer on TNT.

Top Gun: Maverick, which features Tom Cruise’s return to the role of Maverick, is one of the most critically and commercially successful films of 2022. It’s nice to see Cruise don the Maverick shades again, but the addition of fresh faces to the cast, especially Cruise’s new love interest, Penny Benjamin, really helps Top Gun: Maverick take flight.

Set 30 years after the events of the original Top Gun, Top Gun: Maverick follows Maverick as he returns to the TOP GUN fighter school to prepare a new crop of student pilots for an extremely risky mission. Among the new characters, we encounter in the film are Miles Teller’s Rooster, Monica Barbaro’s Phoenix, Glenn Powell’s Hangman, and Jon Hamm’s Cyclone. However, Penny Benjamin, portrayed by Jennifer Connelly, is as memorable as any of the top fliers (maybe more).

In Top Gun: Maverick, who plays Penny?

Top Gun introduces Penny Benjamin: Maverick owns and tends the bar at the Top Gun hangout, frequented by military men and civilians alike. She and Maverick obviously have a long history of friendship. She also raises her teenage daughter, Amelia, on her own (Lyliana Wray).

Penny ends up being more than just a romantic interest for Maverick; she also becomes a trusted confidante. She is able to be forthright with the ace pilot about his history with Rooster, the son of Maverick’s former co-pilot Goose (Anthony Edwards), while simultaneously instructing him in the finer points of high-octane water sports. We’re talking about sailing because Maverick is a sailor. All of this leads up to a potential reconciliation between the two of them.

More About Jenny in TOPGUN

Amelia Benjamin is the daughter of Jenny, a bar owner near where the TOPGUN detachment is located; Amelia’s father, Penny, has a new wife in Hawaii, and Jenny is likely divorced. When Maverick returns to TOPGUN to teach, he meets her again. Despite their flirtation, Penny tells Maverick that she only wants to remain, friends, because she doesn’t want to go down the same route they’ve been down before. When pressed, Maverick finally gives in. One of Penny’s regulations at her local bar is that if Maverick leaves his phone on the bar, he has to buy everyone a round of drinks.

Penny and her daughter Amelia are single parents. She and Maverick are still advising and flirting with one another. Tow a sailboat for Penny with the help of Maverick. The two eventually agree to date behind Penny’s back, which ends with Maverick having to slip out of her window. After Maverick successfully completes the assignment, he returns to Penny, only to discover that she has disappeared. Eventually, she returns and is reunited with Maverick; the two of them then take a plane ride.

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