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Who Is Emma Chamberlain Dating Now? Who Is Emma Chamberlain’s Boyfriend In 2022

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Emma Frances Chamberlain is an American internet star, especially on YouTube. She was born on May 22, 2001. She earned the Breakout Creator Streamy Award for 2018.  In 2019, Time magazine put her on its Time 100 Next list and its list of The 25 Most Influential People On The Internet, saying that Chamberlain “pioneered an approach to vlogging that shook up YouTube’s unofficial style guide.

“Anything Goes, which used to be called Stupid Genius, is her first weekly podcast. It came out in April 2019.  Chamberlain later won the “Best Podcaster” award at the 12th Shorty Awards.  She has also been a Louis Vuitton ambassador since 2019.

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Who Is Emma Chamberlain Dating in 2022?

The singer Role Model, a.k.a. Tucker Pillsbury, is rumored to be dating Emma Roberts.

Most of the time, Emma Chamberlain likes to keep her fans and the media in the dark about her personal life. She has always been linked to rumors that she is dating a famous person, such as Ethan Dolan or Aaron Hull.

But we all know that not every rumor is true. So, her fans and paparazzi have always been interested in her personal life and asked her questions about it. As the birthday of the young YouTuber is coming up. her fans can’t wait to find out who she will be celebrating with. Has she met someone new?

Emma talked about some of her dreams and someone cheating on her in her most recent podcast. She also talked about a phone call where she told him what she knew about the “cheating part.” All of these things made her fans think it was great that she was dating Tuck Pillsbury, also known as ROLE MODEL, a 21-year-old “blind” singer.

Emma has always been honest about what she thinks about relationships. She hates being in a public relationship, which makes it hard for her fans to learn more about their favorite internet star.

Emma Chamberlain And Tucker Pillsbury Together

Emma and Tucker are known for being very private about their relationship, but they finally told the public about it at the Vanity Fair Oscar Party in March of 2022.

When they walked the red carpet together, they looked amazing.

emma Chamberlain And Tucker Pillsbury Together at Vanity Fair Oscar Party

When Did Emma Chamberlin And Tucker Pillsbury First Meet?

While Emma is extremely primate, she confessed that they met “on the Internet.”

How long Have Tucker Pillsbury And Emma Chamberlain Been Dating?

Well, in an interview for the Call Her Daddy podcast, she did say that the longest time she’s been with someone is a year and ten months.

When the host asked if it was her current relationship, she said, “I will not say.”


How Does Emma Chamberlain Spend Her Time?

This does not imply that Emma is permanently out of the limelight; she is still focusing on her podcast Anything Goes and her coffee firm Chamberlain Coffee, about which she says she is really excited right now. We are delighted Emma opted to act in her own best interests!

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