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Who Is Jennifer Aniston Dating? Relationship Status & Dating History Timeline


Jennifer Aniston is a film and television actress from the United States. She is best known for playing “Rachel” on the sitcom Friends. Echo Films is the production company she founded. Aniston was born on February 11, 1969, in Los Angeles, California to parents John and Nancy. John Melick and Alex are her half-brothers.

Aniston grew up in Eddystone, Pennsylvania, before moving to New York City. She went to a Waldorf school before attending Fiorello H. LaGuardia High School. She was an active member of LaGuardia High School’s drama club.

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Jennifer Aniston: Personal Life Details

Jennifer Aniston is 5ft 5in tall and she has a $300 million net worth. From 2000 to 2005, she was married to her first husband, ‘Brad Pitt.’ After four years of dating, Aniston married actor ‘Justin Theroux’ in 2015. Among others, she has dated Adam Duritz, Tate Donovan, Vince Vaughn, and John Mayer.

Jennifer Aniston Have Boyfriend In 2022?

Jennifer Aniston is currently single and looking for love, as she told Sirius XM, “No one of importance has hit my radar yet, but I think it’s time.”

Her heart may be open to new experiences, but it appears to be closed to A-Listers, as she has sworn off dating celebrities for the time being, citing that it would be nice to take a break from dating within the industry following her divorce from actor Justin Theroux.

Theroux isn’t the only person who has contributed to Aniston’s new dating requirements; she has previously dated a number of celebrities, some of whom will surprise you. Her dating history is provided below.

Jennifer Aniston’s Dating History:

Daniel McDonald

Aniston had her first real relationship with Daniel McDonald, who died a long time ago.

During the early 2000s, Aniston said that the actor was the one who broke up with her.

“He was my first love. We were together for five years.” “He would have been the one to help. …But, oh, no. When I was 25, I was dumb. In order to make up for everything, he must have sent me Justin.


McDonald married film director Mujah Maraini-Melehi in 1999, and they had two kids together, which is how many kids McDonald has. He died of brain cancer in February 2007. He was 46 years old when he died in February 2007.

Her “first love,” McDonald’s widow told Inside Edition, “Daniel and Jennifer were in a relationship over 20 years ago, when they were both very young. I’m not happy with what Jennifer said about her first love.” Neither she nor he made a life choice.

She said, “I’m sorry that Jennifer didn’t see how valuable Daniel was when she had the chance, long before we met and long before he died.” There are headlines that say that she lost him tragically, but she wasn’t there when he had a long and difficult illness. It hurts me to read them.

Charlie Schlatter

For a short time, Aniston was in love with Charlie Schlatter, a heartthrob from the 1990s.

“Ferris Bueller” was a 1990 sitcom that didn’t last long. It was based on the 1986 movie “Ferris Bueller’s Day Off.”

Aniston and Schlatter had a “brief, torrid romance,” GQ editor-in-chief Jim Nelson said in April 2014. Schlatter was Aniston’s older sister, so “it must be said that they played together a lot.”

Their show was over after just one season, and their relationship didn’t last very long.

He married Colleen Gunderson in 1994, and they have three kids together.

Jon Stewart

Even though Aniston didn’t see it that way, Jon Stewart seems to think so.

He told her on “The Daily Show” in August 2010, “I asked you out, and it was lovely.” There were so many of your friends there. Because she’s so excited about going on a date with me, she wants you to meet her “posse.”

She said: “If I remember correctly, wasn’t it kind of like, “Hey! A group of us are going out. Do you want to join?””

As you can see, this is a classic mix-up.

jon stewart
jon stewart

It was in November 2000 that Stewart married Tracey McShane. Since then, they have been going strong with their two kids.

Adam Duritz

The “Dumplin'” star had a brief relationship with Adam Duritz in 1995, but it doesn’t sound like they had a lot of sex or anything.

His bandmates tricked him into meeting Aniston, and he didn’t know who she was when they first met.

Some of his friends told him that she had a crush on him, he said in July 2021 to Entertainment Tonight. “Those same friends told her that I had a crush on her.”

Despite that, Duritz only had nice things to say about Aniston: “She was really nice, very funny, and very pretty, and those were pretty good requirements for me. She also liked me.” When it was over, “She’s a nice girl.”

He said that they “never even slept together.”

He went on to briefly date her best friend and “Friends” co-star, Courteney Cox, after that.

Tate Donovan

Aniston started a new relationship with the actor Tate Donovan in 1995, but their relationship. Donovan played Rachel Green’s love interest on “Friends” for five episodes, even though the two had already split up in real life.

Fortunately, Aniston became friends with Donovan while they were together. He told her that he was the one who brought her to Sandra Bullock.

People who used to be in a relationship with us met us. Bullock told Interview Magazine in February 2020, “I say ‘our’ because you and I both ate this one person.” Aniston agreed, “Yes, we did.” That’s a lovely way to say it.

People say that Donovan has a “type.” Aniston said that before Bullock said that Donovan likes women who are “talented, funny, kind, introspective, and generous,” Aniston said that.

In November 2005, Donovan married a writer named Corrine Kingsbury. They split up three years later.

Paul Rudd

Aniston was rumoured to have been in a relationship with Paul Rudd for a long time, but the exact date isn’t known.

Their 1998 movie, “The Object of My Affection,” made them look like they were in love with each other when they were in it.

Friends” from 2002 to 2004 and Wanderlust from 2012 were two more projects they worked on together.

After a while, Aniston came out and said that she and Rudd had been together when they were “like, 12.”

It was February 2003 when Rudd married Julie Yaeger. They have two children.

John Mayer

A lot of people don’t remember Aniston’s relationship with John Mayer because it was so hot and tense.

During the Oscars in February 2008, the two people met at a party. They kept dating on and off until March 2010.

“We care for each other.” In a relationship, it’s funny when things get tough and you both agree: We may have to try another thing together. But you still love each other very much. It hurts, she told Vogue in December 2008, when they were going through a breakup.

In Rolling Stone’s February 2010 cover story, the “New Light” singer said, “I’ve never really gotten over it. I don’t think I’ll ever get over it.” It was the worst time of my life.

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