are will smith and jada pinkett getting a divorce
are will smith and jada pinkett getting a divorce

It has been several years since Jada Pinkett Smith and her husband Will Smith have been the focus of gossip and controversy. Despite the fact that the Smiths may find the supposition irritating from time to time, Pinkett Smith said that she sometimes preferred the rumor. If only because she was able to find something good in all the rumors.

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Smith And Pinkett Are Said To Be In A Millionaire’s Divorce.

Because of the media attention, or because this is just the tip of the ice field in the couple’s relationship, there are more and more reports that the couple is about to divorce. This will be a huge legal fight that will split Smith’s money.

In Heat Magazine, they talk about Pinkett’s cold response and lack of support for Smith when the media started to focus on him. No separation has been confirmed by either of them so far. As the days go by, more and more rumors start to spread.

“It took a long time, but now they barely talk to each other. They had a lot of problems for a long time. The tensions between them have been very clear “Heat Magazine heard from sources.

Jada Pinkett Smith Believed That The Rumors Surrounding Her Marriage To Will Smith Were A Good Thing.

There were always rumors about Pinkett Smith and her husband. At one point, she could see the silver lining in all the bad things people said about them. For The Matrix star, if there was a lot of talk about a fake divorce, it meant that she and Smith were doing something right.

“It’s both good and bad news.” The good news is that there isn’t anything else to say. One year ago, Pinkett Smith said that this has been the only story. We should finish the divorce story once more.

She also took the time to once again say how much she loved Smith while acknowledging that the rumors would likely keep going.

“You know what? I’m going to tell you.” Do you know what I mean? People have to earn their money and do what they have to do. Pinkett Smith kept ongoing. That’s true for me too. It’s fine if people can go to bed at night and write those stories. And he won’t be with me tonight at the premiere of “Magic Mike XXL,” so “here we go again!”

Still, Pinkett Smith thought it was important to get the main point across again, so she did it again. “Just to make sure you know, we’re not getting divorced again,” she told them.’

Rumors That Emerged After The Oscars

Rumors came to light in the days after the Oscars incident.

People told me that one of them said that the actor had been arrested and charged with a crime. Chris Rock did not file a complaint against Will because he did not want to.

The police told Deadline: “The person involved has not filed a police report.” If one of the people involved wants a police report at a later time, the LAPD will be able to write one up.

Another person thought that Chris was wearing a cheek pad and that the on-stage slap was staged.

That picture that some used to say that Chris was wearing a cheek pad was changed.

Heartwarming photos from Archie’s life as Meghan and Harry’s son have been released. Archie is set to turn 3 next month.


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