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What Is Mark Hoppus Net Worth In 2022

Mark Hoppus is an American musician, record producer, and television host who has a net worth of $80 million. Hoppus is best known as the bassist and co-lead of his band He Blink-182, a popular rock band that rose to prominence in the late 90s and early 2000s.
Besides his work on Blink-182, Mark has been involved in many other musical projects. Hoppus is a talented musician as well as an accomplished producer. In the past he has produced records for many notable bands.
Mark Hoppus Net Worth, Age, Height and More - News
Like many other Blink-182 members, Mark has also explored various entrepreneurial pursuits, including clothing and footwear companies. Regarding the entertainment industry, Hoppus has hosted television shows and podcasts at various points in her career.

Early Life

Mark Alan Hoppus was born on March 15, 1972 in Ridgecrest, California. Hoppus grew up in a small desert town where most of the residents worked for the United States Department of Defense. His father was one of them, helping develop missiles and bombs that were tested at a nearby military facility.
Hoppus <3 | Blink 182 tom delonge, Blink 182, Blink 182 tom
Most of the town’s residents were scientists working in the military, but Mark later described many of Ridgecrest’s other citizens as “crazy meth nerds”. Hoppus grew up happily until his parents divorced when he was eight years old.
His emotional impact on the boy was severe and he ended up living with his father in Monterey. Unfortunately, Mark didn’t get the chance to spend much time with his father. His father spent much of his waking hours studying for his bachelor’s degree.


After moving to Monterey, Hoppus took up skateboarding and listened to punk rock music. Then I moved to Fairfax, Virginia. While attending high school in the suburbs of Washington, D.C., Mark picked up a bass guitar for the first time and began learning to play on his own while listening to music by various artists.

During this time, he joined his first band and began performing at small venues such as House his parties and campfires. Hoppus attended California State University, but quickly realized his college life wasn’t for him. He actually wanted to become an English teacher, but he gave it up in the early 1990s after his music career became more lucrative.

Mark Hoppus And Tom DeLonge Collaborated On Many Entrepreneurial Ventures, Including Atticus clothing and Macbeth shoes.

Over the years, Hoppus sold shares in these companies. relationship Mark Hoppus married Sky Everly in 2000, whom he met on the set of a music video.
Everly and Hoppus then welcomed a child into the world.

Real Estate

He Bought property In 1998, after his early success with Blink-182, Hoppus invested in a modest San Diego real estate. He paid $315,000 for this property, and as far as we know, he still owns it.
Step Inside the Mid-Century Modern L.A. Home of Blink 182 Rocker Mark Hoppus | Architectural Digest
In 2013, it was reported that Mark Hoppus had decided to rent out his Beverly Hills home a smart move since he was actually living in London at the time. He originally bought the property in 2004 paying his $3.65 million.
After moving to England, Hoppus and his wife wanted to rent an apartment for $15,000 a month. The residence has 3,390 square feet of living space, along with a pool and outdoor fireplace.


  • Mark actually met his wife on the set of the music video for “All The Small Things”
  • When he first met Tom DeLonge, he broke both of his heels climbing a lamp post in a bid to try and impress him. Classic Mark!
  • Mark and the rest of Blink 182 (and a monkey) have a cameo in the first American Pie movie, as well as contributing to the soundtracks
  • At High School, Mark would dress like Robert Smith from The Cure, including eye liner and red lip stick
  • Legend has it that Mark Hoppus actually wrote one of Blink’s biggest songs, “Damnit” in around 5 minutes
  • For a few years, Mark and his family moved to London, although now moving back to LA he is still and avid Chelsea fan.
  • Both Mark and Tom co-owned popular clothing lines “Atticus” and “Macbeth Footwear, although Mark has now sold his shares. That’s probably because he was too busy with a billion other projects, including…
  • Producing! Mark has credits on various albums, including pop punk’s other giants New Found Glory when he produced the 2009 records “Not Without A Fight”
  • Did you also know that Mark had his own Podcast called HiMyNameIsMark during Blink 182’s hiatus where he would talk about his career and feature up and coming bands? Yep, never a day off for old, Hoppus!
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