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Alex Jones’ Leakedd Texts Reveal The Conspiracy Theorist Used A Network Of Spies Against His Wife And Ex-Wife, Report Says

According to texts provided to Rolling Stone by unknown sources, conspiracy theorist and InfoWars presenter Alex Jones used spies and clandestine informants to watch both his ex-wife and current wife. Jones tied the knot with Erika, his second wife, in 2017, and the two share one child together.

The collection of communications was unintentionally given to a lawyer defending Sandy Hook parents who had sued Jones for libel by Jones’ defence attorneys. Despite the fact that the texts were never made public, people with knowledge of the situation informed Rolling Stone that they include details on some of the strategies employed by Jones to monitor both his current wife, Erika Wulff-Jones, and his ex-wife, Kelly Jones.

Jones was been married to Erika Wulff Jones since 2017

Prior to now, it was made known that Jones had given a nude photo of his wife to former Donald Trump adviser Roger Stone by Sandy Hook family lawyer Mark Bankston, who had access to the messages. Erika Wulff-Jones, his wife, previously admitted to Insider that she was “unaware” and “upset” that the pictures were shared.

In a response to Insider’s email, Bankston declined to comment on the reports.
Wulff-Jones was detained on Christmas Eve of last year on suspicion of domestic violence, which the InfoWars host said was caused by a “medication imbalance,” according to the Associated Press.

Alex Jones’ Security Chief Used Son To Keep Tabs On Kelly Jones

Kelly Jones responded to the claims by saying to Rolling Stone: “Alex is obsessed with me, has been stalking me for years, and has done everything to intrude himself into my life by violating my rights and freedoms. Finding out that he is involved in this activity does not surprise me.”

Insider’s request for comments from Erika Wulff-Jones and Kelly Jones was not immediately reacted to.

Following the discovery of the texts’ existence, along with other information Jones had previously denied existing, Jones’ ex-wife told Insider that she intended to subpoena the information in order to substantiate the “nefarious, truly conspiratorial things” Jones is alleged to have said about her over the years.

She claimed, “It’s not even about my kids; it’s about control.” control over me.

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It was found that Jones had given Roger Stone, a former political adviser to then-President Donald Trump, a “intimate photo” of Erika.

Attorney Mark Bankston, who represented the parents of the Sandy Hook school shooting victims, said, “I don’t know if that was consenting.”

“And if it wasn’t consensual, Mrs. Wulff Jones ought to be aware of it,” was added.

Alex Jones testifies during his defamation trial in Texas on August 2, 2022.

Erika stated that she was “unaware” of the communication in an interview with Insider and expressed her “upsetness that he took privilege to send the image to someone without my knowing.”
15 families who lost children in the Sandy Hook massacre will receive $965 million from Jones, and an FBI agent who was hounded after the conspiracy theorist’s claims will also receive $965 million.


Erika was detained on a domestic violence accusation on Christmas Eve 2021.

It was a private family situation that occurred on Christmas Eve, her husband said at the time, according to The Associated Press.

“I love and care for my wife, and it seems like a medication imbalance,” he said.

Conspiracy Theorist Alex Jones's Wife Arrested For Assaulting Family Member  On Christmas Eve | YourTango

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More About Erika , Alex’s Wife

Aside from being known as Jones’ wife, Erika is also known as the founder of New Order Yoga.

“We believe that yoga is for everyone no matter what age or ability level,” she wrote in her LinkedIn biography.

She completed a 500-hour Registered Yoga Teacher training course in order to create her yoga studio, which is located in Austin, Texas.

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