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What Is Maitland Ward’s Net Worth In 2022?

As Rachel McGuire, who joined the cast in Season 5, many will recognize Maitland Ward for her role as the girl next door on Boy Meets World. Ward appeared on the show for two seasons until it ended in May 2000. She then retired from acting in 2007 and turned to adult content in 2019.

How Much Is Maitland Ward Worth?

Before Boy Meets World, Maitland also starred in The Bold And The Beautiful as Ridge Forrester’s cousin, Jessica Forrester.

She then went in to star in Killing Mr Griffin alongside Michelle Williams and Mario Lopez, but how much more lucrative is her adult career?

It’s reported that Maitland is worth a cool $2 million after switching jobs.

She began by posting nude art on Snapchat and Instagram, and documented her change from actress to adult film star in her new book.

Called Rated X: How Porn Liberated Me From Hollywood, The Star Explains What Made Her Want To Change Career.

She said in an interview:: “I’m unapologetic about sex…but I think it’s me in my truth and everything. When I was young, I was so apologetic for so many years. I will never apologize anymore.

“If I was on a show, like Boy Meets World, I could be sexy, I could wear a sheet with little feathers on it in nude pictures that I had for my boyfriend — that’s fine.

“If I ever wore something like that in real life, or did anything suggestive, Disney, producers, and Hollywood would have turned against me. She continued, “Producer Michael Jacobs in particular was very concerned about me being a chaste and good boy. “It was very confusing.
It prevented me from exploring my sexual quest or finding out who I was for a long time. “You have to be a virgin and a genital at the same time, and you can’t fully embrace one or the other. You just had to be on one or the other,” Ward added. “But now I feel like I’m really open with myself and trying new things and not holding back on anything.
I think that’s really sexy.” Bombshell has 1.8 million followers on Instagram, but she hasn’t left her traditional acting skills forever. In May 2022, it was confirmed that she would star in the Emmy-nominated upcoming sci-fi thriller titled Just For You directed by Sonya O’Hara. With a new movie on the horizon and her new book coming out, Ward’s bank balance just keeps growing.

What Is Maitland Ward Doing Now

Now she is writing her new book documenting her own experiences. Prior to Boy Meets World, Maitland also played Ridge Forrester’s cousin Jessica Forrester in The Bold And The Beautiful. She then starred in Killing Mr. Griffin alongside Michelle Williams and Mario Lopez, but how lucrative is her adult career? Maitland is reportedly worth a whopping $2 million after her career change.
She began posting nude art on Snapchat and Instagram, and chronicles her transformation from actress to adult movie star in her new book.

Maitland Ward Early life

Ward was born on February 3, 1977 in Long Beach, California. Little is known about her parents, her family and her upbringing. However, she was interested in art and entertainment from an early age.

Maitland’s Career

When she was in middle school, she began auditioning for roles in film, television, and commercials, eventually landing her first role in The Bold and the Beautiful while in high school. While still in high school, she landed the lead role as Jessica Forrester in The Bold and the Beautiful. She remained on the series for two years until 1996.
She then guest-starred in the seventh season of USA High and ABC’s Home Improvement. She also starred alongside Jay Thomas and Mario Lopez in the 1997 television movie Killing Mr. Griffin. Outside of her acting, Maitland has seen success wearing sexy costumes for cosplay at conventions and social media her events.
In 2018, she was reportedly the number one adult her creator of her content on social her payment platform Patreon. Maitland began appearing in adult films in 2019. She has been posting nude and topless photos on her social media since at least 2013, and her Instagram followers on her page share her It has grown to nearly 2 million people.

Awards And Success

In her first year of appearances, she was nominated for two Adult Video News Awards. In December 2019, Maitland told The Daily Beast that she sometimes makes $60,000 a month through her direct-pay platform, OnlyFans.


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