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What Happened To The Dog Olivia Wilde Allegedly Dumped For Harry Styles?

Did she choose pop stars over puppies? Olivia Wilde’s former nanny says the filmmaker got rid of her dog Gordon so she could travel and spend more time with her then-her new boyfriend, Harry Styles. claimed to be.

“After [Wilde] left [in early November 2020], she visited and nonchalantly said, ‘We need to find a new home for Gordon,'” the former employee told the Daily Mail on Tuesday. claimed to “Jason doesn’t care much about animals and wanted to get them out of the house as soon as possible.”

And Now She Has Made Another Bombshell Claim About Wilde’s Dog…

The 47-year-old “Ted Russo” star said Wilde, 38, only keeps the pet “for performance” and she “rarely” takes care of him, according to Nannie, who asked to remain anonymous.

There was no. “I told Jason that I knew someone who loved Gordon and knew someone who would accept him, so Jason said, ‘Let’s get him out of here right now.’ The dog was reportedly living with Wilde’s dog walker in New York. Aside from Wilde’s claims about her golden retriever, the nanny has made some scathing claims about her former boss.

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For example, once her lovestruck Sudeikis threw herself under Wilde’s car to stop her from leaving, she is said to have drunkenly kicked the workers out of his house. lose the temper. But her ex-boyfriends Wilde and Sudeikis joined forces Monday afternoon to refute her nanny’s allegations.

When People See Me Not With My Kids, It’s Always ‘How Dare She’. I’ve Never Seen Anyone Say That About A Guy,”

In a joint statement to Page Six, the two said, “As parents, we regret that the former nanny of our two young children chose to publicly make such false and bizarre claims about us. You know, she’s incredibly upset. “Your 18-month campaign to harass us, loved ones, close friends and colleagues has reached an unfortunate climax. I sincerely hope that she chooses to leave our family alone.

Despite Sudeikis and Wilde`s try to close her down, the Daily Mail launched a 2nd a part of their interview with the nanny, wherein she additionally alleged that the “Don`t Worry Darling” director-led at the former “Saturday Night Live” star

. “When I noticed Olivia keeping fingers as a pair with Harry withinside the news [in January 2021], I became stunned as only a month before, whilst we had been in LA, she became sending Jason messages pronouncing she cherished him,” the female supposed to the outlet. “Then Jason said, she became simply here [at the house] and he or she became bare withinside the pool after which she slept with me bare withinside the bed.

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The Actress-turned-director Also Opened Up About How Her Privacy Was Violated.

“During her two years, my family has been through this kind of restructuring and revolution, and this should be a very personal experience.” And it’s not. The hardest part is that women are ashamed of the choices they’ve made for their own health and well-being,” Wilde concludes.

The couple, who broke up in 2020, denied everything their former collaborators said in a lengthy interview, but the story hasn’t come out yet. The former nanny, who is now believed to have worked for the couple for more than three years, says Olivia gave up her pet dog “within a few weeks of meeting Harry Styles.”

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” Reps for Sudeikis did now no longer right away go back to Page Six`s request to touch upon the nanny`s greater current claims and Wilde`s rep declined to touch upon the state-of-the-art allegations. Wilde has denied that she left Sudeikis for Styles, 28, even though an insider currently instructed us that the daddy of became heartbroken over the split. The former couple, who were given engaged in 2013, proportion children: Otis, 8, and Daisy, 6.

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