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What Happened To Miley Cyrus’ Voice? Uncovering The Truth Of Disney Alum’s Journey After Surgery

Miley Cyrus has been a staple in the music industry since she first debuted in 2006. The singer, songwriter, and actress have undergone many personal and artistic changes. One of the most discussed changes is her voice: what happened to Miley Cyrus’ voice? Many fans have noticed a significant shift in her vocal range and style as she has evolved musically.

About Miley Cyrus

Miley Ray Cyrus (born Destiny Hope Cyrus on November 23, 1992; is an American singer, songwriter, and actress. Her musical repertoire includes pop, country, rock, hip-hop, and experimental music. She holds the record with thirteen top-five albums on the US Billboard 200 for female artists in the 21st century.

Cyrus, the daughter of country music musician Billy Ray Cyrus, became a teen idol through her role as Hannah Montana on the Disney Channel television series (2006–2011). As Hannah Montana, she had two number-one and three top-five soundtracks on the US Billboard 200, including the top-ten hit “He Could Be the One” on the US Billboard Hot 100.

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What Happened To Miley Cyrus’ Voice?

In 2020, when Miley appeared on Joe Rogan’s podcast, she discussed how her voice had become deeper than previously.

When asked about her substantially altered voice since Hannah Montana, the singer answered, “I learned a lot about the voice and how our experiences affect our voice.”

She stated that years of on-stage and off-stage vocal training significantly impacted the depth of her voice.

In addition, she disclosed that she underwent surgery in November 2019 for Reinke’s edema, which causes swelling of the vocal cords, after being diagnosed with the condition.


“Singer Sheds Light on Transformational Journey”

Miley believes that the time between her surgery and rehabilitation allowed her to reflect on her life.

She stated, “It is, in a sense, a scar. However, the operation was a blessing since it allowed me to understand my instrument.”

Miley has been touring since she was 12 years old, and like other superstars, her career has taken a toll on her health, regardless of her age.She said:

“It’s not the singing that affects your voice as much. It’s afterward, you’re on, and it’s tough to get that sleep. You stay up talking all night. Later, the talking all night turned into smoking all night.”

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Does Smoking Affect a Singing Voice? A Disney Alum Explains

Miley informed Joe that she has been abstinent since her vocal surgery because she is aware of any substance’s effect on her voice.

“You’re just taught it’s not the drinking; it’s the staying up all night. Once you have your drink, you end up smoking,” 

Meanwhile, the singer is preparing for her December 31 concert with Dolly in Miami. The Miley Cyrus New Year’s Eve Party will begin at 9:30 p.m. and will be streamable on Peacock.

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What Is Reinke’s Edema?

Reinke’s space is the non-muscular portion of the vocal cord, also known as the vocal fold, immediately beneath its surface. Swelling in this area is called Reinke’s edema.

When the swelling impacts the vocal cords, they cannot vibrate in the usual way. That means the voice will sound different. Reinke’s edema almost always occurs due to longstanding smoking. Literature suggests that it may occur secondary to thyroid disease, hormonal change, stomach acid reflux, or voice overuse. The evidence, however, is conclusive. Reinke’s edema does not disappear after smoking cessation. However, it may stop growing in size.

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