What Happened To Mark Van Dongen Face? His Face Before And After Acid Attack from his Girlfriend


Berlinah Wallace was found guilty of putting acid on her ex-boyfriend Mark van Dongen, which made him look so bad that he chose to kill himself. the huge cost he paid for turning her down.

Mark van Dongen’s father initially believed there had been a mistake when he was led to the ward at Southmead Hospital in Bristol where his son had been admitted after suffering acid burns to his face, body, and limbs at Berlinah Wallace’s hands.

“We entered the ward,” According to Kees van Dongen, the Guardian “There were six rooms, one next to another. We looked in every room and we looked at every person in bed. At first, I said there’s been a mistake, Mark is not here.”

When a doctor arrived, he was informed that his son was in room one. “The first room I had looked in. I failed to recognize my own son. His injuries were unbelievable.”

The staff has never witnessed such wounds. 25% of Van Dongen‘s body was covered in burns, and a large portion of the burned skin needed to be surgically removed. He had severe scarring on his face. He mostly lost his right eye’s vision while his left eye was blind.

Van Dongen, 29, could see enough of his wounds when he got to the hospital to scream and beg: “Kill me now, if my face is going to be left looking like this, I don’t want to live.”

After Wallace attacked Van Dongen, he was in a coma for four months in intensive care. He was fed through a tube and could only breathe with the help of a ventilator. He had to have his lower left leg cut off.

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When he woke up, he could only move his mouth and tongue. When his father pointed to a letter on an alphabet board, he would stick out his tongue.

He was able to speak again thanks to a speaking valve, but he was paralyzed from the neck down. “I stayed by his bedside all the time,” said Kees van Dongen. “It went very bad. At one point he no longer responded to anything. He seemed to be falling into a hole. I stood by his ear and shouted really loudly, he seemed to come back.”

The night before, Mr. van Dongen, who was 28, went to Wallace’s flat in Bristol’s wealthy Westbury Park neighborhood to tell him again that their five-year relationship was over and that he was moving in with his new girlfriend, Violet Farquharson, who was 46.

It happened after Mr. van Dongen and Wallace broke up several times and he sent mixed messages about whether or not he thought they could get back together.

Why did Berlinah Wallace attack her boyfriend?

Berlinah Wallace is going to jail for the rest of her life. It was the first time someone got a life sentence for using acid to hurt someone. The investigation found that Mark and Berlin did not get along well. Two broke up more than once, and Mark told Wallace different things at different times.

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Instead of talking about how long they had been together, he came back to say that he was moving in with Violet Farquharson, 46, his new girlfriend. In the weeks before the attack, Dongen had also sued Wallace for harassment and blackmail. He said that Wallace had told his new girlfriend that he would hurt her.

acid damaged bed

Wallace was upset that Dongen was dating someone new, so she tried to ruin the life of her ex-girlfriend. The police found out that she was looking into sulphuric acid when they looked into it. Wallace’s browser had looked at more than 82 websites, according to the results. The fashion student also bought a bottle of acid from Amazon. On May 23, 2018, all the excellent proof showed that Berlinah Wallace was guilty.

Is Mark Van Dongen in a coma or dead?

Mark Van Dongen is dead. He killed himself 15 days after the terrible acid attack. The Vitriolage made the 29-year-old engineer paralyzed from the neck down, and he lost a leg, an ear, and an eye. He slept for more than four months and did not wake up. Dongen died by euthanasia, which is when a patient’s life is taken to end their pain. Mark was sent to prison after his application was approved by three doctors who said he was in “unbearable physical and mental pain.”

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