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Baby Nadal Is Safe, But Rafael’s Wife Maria Francisca Perello Is Still Recovering

Sources in the Spanish media say that Rafael Nadal’s wife, Maria Francisca Perello, is doing well and that their child seems to be safe.

According to reports, the Spanish man’s pregnant wife, who is 31 weeks along, was brought to a private hospital in Palma, Mallorca, last week to be under monitoring as a preventative step to avoid complications, with surgery also mentioned as a possibility. 

The good news was finally made public in June when she was discovered with a baby bump after the French Open. The couple has not discussed their pregnancy in public. The world’s No. 3 Rafael Nadal is reportedly incensed that his pregnant wife’s medical information was exposed after she was admitted to the hospital while the couple was living in Mallorca while he was in New York for the US Open.

Mery Perello’s condition has been updated, and the Nadal family is now thinking about sending her to another facility after hospital video was also leaked.

Nadal’s chances at the US Open aren’t going as well as they could because his wife had to go to the hospital for an emergency earlier this week. 

According to Marca, the Spaniard’s family will now be “searching for the guilty parties” after a video showing the moment Perello arrived at Palma’s Hospital Quironsalud Palmaplanas was released to the media. 

The wife of the 22-time Major winner is no longer in danger and is getting better, but she will still have to stay in the hospital. And now that it has been revealed that Perello’s medical information was also leaked to the media, with reporters allegedly waiting outside the hospital, the Nadal family is debating whether they should transfer her to another facility. 

According to the leaked sources, Nadal’s wife, who is presently 31 weeks pregnant, will stay in the hospital until she is 34 weeks along for surveillance and precaution. Although Nadal is claimed to be incensed by the invasion of his wife’s privacy, he has remained in New York, where he is competing at the US Open for the first time since winning the competition in 2019. 

In the meantime, Perello’s parents and a close friend of hers, Maribel Nadal, have joined her in the hospital. They continue to be by her side as the 22-time Grand Slam winner competes at Flushing Meadows for a record-setting 23rd win as part of his ongoing recovery from the abdominal illness that forced him to pull out of Wimbledon. 

When Spanish newspapers revealed that Mery was pregnant after two years of marriage and 14 years of dating, Nadal and his wife at first felt frustrated. During a press conference conducted in June to announce that he would be competing at Wimbledon for the first time in three years, the 36-year-old felt compelled to confirm the information. 

He told reporters, “If everything goes well, I’m going to be a parent.” I don’t often discuss my personal life. We live calmer with a lower profile. I don’t anticipate it to significantly alter my life.

For the US Open 2022, Nadal Is In The Bottom Half Of The Draw

On the other hand, the US Open draw has finally been made public, and Rafael Nadal will play Australian Rinky Hijikata in the opening round. If he defeats the Australian, he might proceed to the second round and play the tough Italian, Fabio Fognini. Meanwhile, it makes sense that Perello’s health could affect Nadal’s play at the US Open. He might also decide to drop out of the competition, but that will mostly depend on how well his wife is doing. 

In the meantime, Carlos Alcaraz, another Spaniard who might face Nadal in the semifinals, is also on the same side as Nadal. Nadal might play Cameron Norrie of Great Britain in the quarterfinals.

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