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What Happened To Gloom? Did Gloom Say Goodbye to YouTube?

Youtuber Gloom is a popular content creator with millions of followers. In recent months, fans have noticed a drastic decrease in activity from Gloom, leading many to ask, “What happened to Gloom?”. This article will seek to answer this question by exploring the mysterious circumstances surrounding the sudden disappearance of Gloom. It will look at events leading up to their inactivity and attempt to answer some lingering questions left behind.

Who is Kassima “Kassie” Isabelle?

what happened to gloom

Kassima “Kassie” Isabelle is a Canadian YouTuber 31 years of age. She once went by the name CloudyApples until 2011, when she changed to Gloom. Despite her extended absence, she continues to have a substantial social media following. But what happened to her? Has she provided any hints as to when she will return?

Kassie Isabelle declared that she would pause her internet video production. According to her, this did not imply that she was quitting; she required a break. Still accessible is the video titled Signing Off. It has earned 8.35 million views on a YouTube channel with almost 7 million followers.

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What Happened To Gloom?

On January 8, 2022, Gloom released a ” Signing Off video.”

She posted the video to take a break owing to the stress of a frightening situation in which she believed she had breast cancer. However, following a series of testing, it was determined that the lump in her breast was a cyst. She discovered she did not have breast cancer. Kassie revealed in one of her videos that her aunt also named Kassima, passed away from cancer.

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Has Gloom Quit YouTube?

Kassie stated that she could no longer add videos to the Gloom YouTube channel because she believed she had breast cancer. According to her, her family has a history of breast cancer, which makes the possibility even more terrifying. Cancer took her aunt’s life, with whom she shared the name Kassima.

what happened to gloom

She was given the all-clear when tests revealed that the tumor was a cyst, making it noncancerous. However, the anxiety of the situation temporarily prohibited her from creating videos for her YouTube subscribers. During her address, she also stated that the hiatus would likely last “about a month” and that she hoped “some of you will be here” when she returns to YouTube content development.

She has yet to publish any new videos on her YouTube channel since July 2022. It is likely that she has taken a prolonged hiatus from YouTube or that she has abandoned the platform entirely. If Kassie “Kassie” Isabelle returns to her online video alias, Gloom, and uploads new videos for her admirers to enjoy, only time will tell.

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Final Words

Gloom’s departure from YouTube is a significant loss for the streaming community. His content was one of a kind, and his presence will be missed by many. Although some may have disagreed with his opinions, Gloom had an immense impact on the platform and will be remembered fondly by his viewers. In light of this event, it is essential to remember that creators come and go, but their effect remains long after they are gone.

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