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What Constitutes a Great Application Essay? Tips for Experts

Most students assume that having top grades and impressive test scores is enough to get them admitted into their dream colleges. However, almost every selective college gets more applications that meet their academic requirements than they can accept. The institutions rely on application essays to identify the most deserving candidates from the pool of highly intelligent applicants.

As a candidate, a great admission essay gives you the chance to show why you are different from other applicants. Unlike test scores and grades, the essay is a subjective assessment. This means that various officers judge essays differently based on their preferences.

There are certain parameters that top colleges look for when assessing application essays. Here are some top tips from professionals on what comprises an impressive admission essay.

  • It Is Authentic and Interesting

The admission essay is possibly one of the most scrutinized elements of the college application process. The document receives scrutiny as it is the only chance the officials can truly learn who the candidate is beyond the grades and scores.

As you draft your essay, remember that the officials want you to use the paper to show who you are. When they consider your writing, your academic credentials already impress them. Therefore, this is not the place to brag about your intellect or present generic arguments.

Instead, use the essay to welcome the officials into your world. Write and edit the document to ensure that your personality comes through in your voice. If you need assistance, have a professional essay writer help with drafting your paper.

  • It Answers the Question

All college application essays are written in response to a set of questions issued in the form of a writing prompt. Prompts are given to guide candidates on the subject matter to cover in their writing. Since the essay is about you, there may be the temptation to be carried away when reliving memories.

While giving personal reflections helps keep your readers engaged, stay true to the topic. If the prompt asks about an experience that influenced your academic journey, avoid digressing. Focus on the lessons learned rather than spending much time explaining the story’s context.

  • It Stands Out Clearly

Top colleges receive thousands of applications from competent students. Therefore, the officials will probably be going through several essays daily. They get bored when going through generic papers filled with clichés and jargon. To pique the readers’ interests, your writing needs to stand out.

You may have written several five-paragraph essays. However, you need to understand that this is a different type of writing. You will need to use literary devices to make sure tour text stands out.

For instance, you may need to keep the work catchy by including dialogue or a few one-sentence paragraphs. You can also make your writing interesting by picking an unusual topic. Most importantly, keep the text personal, unique, and interesting.

  • It Tells a Compelling Story

The best admission essays tell the authors’ compelling stories about how they would fit into the campus community. Remember, the best colleges receive too many offers from qualified candidates. You need to prove that your values align with the institution’s mission to stand a chance.

Some colleges value creativity, while others prioritize candidates who prioritize causes and giving back to communities. Others want students to care about the campus’s religious faith and culture. Do your research and find out what the college cares about. Provide a compelling story that aligns with the institution’s values.

  • It Is Clear and Concise

College admission officials have tons of documents to evaluate. They won’t appreciate spending time going through wordy essays that read like incoherent ramblings.

Undoubtedly, there will be word count requirements to meet. Ascertain your writing is concise. Deliver your message in a short essay, staying true to the core message and avoiding wordiness.

  • It Is Well-Edited and Proofread

There is no room for slip-ups and typos when writing this essay. This document is your chance to show admission officials that you have what it takes to succeed at the institution. A hurriedly prepared paper filled with mistakes sends may communicate the wrong message.

Admission officials often interpret the presence of typing and grammar mistakes to mean that the candidate does not care enough about the college. Before you hit the send button, edit all your application documents. Consider having someone go through the work on your behalf to identify any mistakes you missed.

Creating an impeccable admission essay is important if you want to stand a chance of getting into your dream college. Focus on the topic provided, and avoid wordiness in your writing. Most importantly, spend some time editing and proofreading your work before sending it for evaluation.

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