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Ca.CustomWritings: Review of Canadian Essay Writing Service

Getting a college essay fixed can be a very strenuous task. With overwhelming workloads and less time to write these essays, most people employ helping hands to help them get the task done.

Thanks to vast access to the internet, it has been easy to find and connect to professional ghostwriting service providers. provides one of the best custom essay writing services in Canada.

Why Ca.CustomWritings?

With a positive consumer rating of 4.39 from over 177 reviews which shows that their customer is satisfied with their purchases and services, custom writing is an online professional writing service that provides student professional and top-notch timely delivery.

Ca.CustomWritings is trusted for professional and timely delivery, they have been providing legitimate and professional service since 2005 and have a team of over 700 professional writers from all over the world.

With their headquarters located in Cyprus and support office located in Ukraine, the custom writing team includes professional writers in over 80+ disciplines. They provide professional, 100% original content with a flexible pricing policy, having all your writing needs covered.

They provide access to a price calculator on the site, you get to have access to their pricing rate, delivery time, select paper type, and academic level.

Advantages of using Ca.CustomWritings for getting your essays done

Some advantages of getting your essays done by Ca.CustomWritings include;

  1. Access to flexible pricing charges: Ca.CustomWritings allows access to flexible pricing options, which allow you to save costs and maintain your budget.
  2. They deliver even on tight deadlines: Ca.CustomWritings over the years has been commended on their ability to meet short deadlines. They get your task fixed fast in an average of 4 hours whilst meeting the quality and plagiarism-free agreement.
  3. They allow you access to custom formatting: Ca.CustomWritings allows you access to requesting formatting style of choice.
  4. Ca.CustomWritings allows you direct access to the writer: This is done to allow you fast track the writing step of your order.
  5. Access to free features: CustomWriting gives free features like; free title page, bibliography page, and also free access to the support assistant.
  6. They are always there to help solve any subject topic you are having a problem with: With access to over 700+ professional academic writers in different disciplines, Ca.CustomWritings provides their clients with a professional writing service that helps solve their essay-related problems.

How does it work?

Ca.CustomWritings takes the order, analyzes your request, and assigns your order to a qualified academic writer. The writer thus creates a draft with your requirement, writes your paper from scratch, and forwards it to a professional and experienced editor to proofread. The editor edits and returns your paper to the writer, who confirms its originality using plagiarism detector software. Your essay is delivered to you in a PDF version for you to check through and verify if it meets your expectations.

Ca.CustomWritings Services and features

Ca.CustomWritings offers writing, proofreading, formatting, rewriting, and business writing. They handle every task diligently, providing plagiarism-free content. Some of their exclusive features as shown on their website include;

  • Provision of free bibliography page
  • Free page title page
  • Free formatting (be it APA, MLA, or any formatting style)
  • 24/7 support
  • They support a part-by-part payment system of making payments.
  • PowerPoint slide
  • They also review your writer sample.

Ca.CustomWritings provides plagiarism-free paper writing services and carefully scrutinizes every of their writer’s work in order to meet with their already established reputation of being a plagiarism-free essay paper service provider.

Free revision of your essay is one of the distinct features of Ca.CustomWritings, they help revise your assignment all for free if the assignment doesn’t meet up to what is expected, but this is only applicable if you are returning your essay within 7 days after which you have gotten your order.

Pros and cons:


  • They provide a wide range of different writing services
  • Their services are budget-friendly and affordable depending on your writing needs.
  • Their customer support is available 24/7.


  • Their services come with a lot of additional features with different payments.
  • The writing quality might be uneven. This is due to the fact that the writing jobs are handled by different writers.


  • What is Ca.CustomWritings?

They are an academic writing service provider. With their head office in Cyprus and support office located in Ukraine, and a custom writing team that includes professional writers in over 80+ disciplines from different locations around the globe.

  • Is Ca.CustomWritings Legit?

Ca.CustomWritings is a legit writing service registered in the UK. They are known for providing affordable top-quality writing services with their hired professional writers from all over the world. Their services are available to students both outside and in the United States.

  • Do they provide customer support?

Ca.CustomWritings is known for very good and reliable customer service, as their operators work around the clock to make sure reaching out to them is easily done.

  • How do they calculate their prices?

Like every other writing services provider, Ca.CustomWritings charge depends on different factors which include; academic level, paper type, number of pages, and deadline. Their website comes with a calculator which allows you to select the paper type, academy level, the number of pages, the deadline you want. The calculator helps give an accurate price.

  • Do they cover different academic disciplines or just English essay writing services?

Ca.CustomWritings provides original writing services for over 75+ disciplines, they help with essays, research papers, and different writing help you might need.

  • What is the Revision and refund policy all about?

This is one of the terms of service Ca.CustomWritings provides. Their refund and revision policy is explained on their site and according to the site, a customer can choose to request a revision of his or her paper within 7 days of getting the order. The refund policy dwells on some situations and in most cases, partial refunds are done.

Conclusion provides writing services for students since 2005. They have over a hundred professional academic writers and have established a good customer relationship, timely delivery, and affordable pricing.

Ca.CustomWritings has over the years regulated their service charges, this is a commendable action as they are still able to maintain delivery of top quality writing services.

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