Watch Kim Kardashian and Paris Hilton trying their hands at baking, in a hilarious sneak peek

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Paris Hilton is back on the screens with Netflix’s new series ‘Cooking With Paris’ it is not even out yet and it already looks super funny and entertaining.

In an exclusive clip from new Netflix series shows, Paris Hilton and Kim Kardashian try to make a marshmallow sweet treat, and at the same time, their fashion game is top-notch.

Paris starts with “Sliving plastic gloves, So we don’t dye our fingers.” While, Kim inquires, “Do you do it over your lace gloves?” And her answer will make you LAUGH! “These are my, like, sliving¬†cooking gloves.”

They finally start to bake after Hilton breaks down her kitchen style, but things don’t act according to the plan, with Kim adding, “This is gonna be a disaster.”

In an endeavour to fix the failing recipe, Paris brings in powdered sugar, which is supposed to prevent sticking.

Kim reminisces – “I feel like this is how it used to be,” she adds. “Paris would have the ideas, and I’d come in and be like, ‘This is never gonna work out. Like, this is not practical.” Paris also agreed to the statement and called herself the “most disorganized person in the world.”

Despite this, Kim and Paris are able to pull off one marshmallow shape. “Oh, that’s cute, Killing it,” Paris says.

Kim, on the other hand, losses it and begins hysterically laughing. “I’m gonna need to, like, touch up my makeup,” the Keeping Up With the Kardashians star states. “I’m literally crying. The fact that you thought these marshmallows could work.” She also realized that she had got the blue mixture on her face.

However, Paris assures Kim, “It has glitter, so it looks like makeup.” yeah, right!

Looks like Paris and her former assistant are still in tune with each other after so many years.

Catch ‘Cooking With Paris’ as it premieres on Wednesday, August 4 on Netflix.



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