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Virtual Sports – Online sports betting

You have long been able to bet on football matches, tennis, horses and other popular sports through non GamStop bookmakers. And now it is possible to bet online on virtual sports.

You can bet on real sports matches with these sportsbooks. The more knowledge you have, the better your results will be. One of the newer products that offshore bookmakers without GamStop offer are virtual sports. This means betting on matches that are not real.

These matches are visualized by computers and the results are determined by a random number generator (RNG).

Differences Between Real & Virtual Sports at Non GamStop Bookmakers

To be successful with sports betting you need some knowledge. For example, on our forum, there are several interesting topics about sports betting.

For example, you have to think about the line-up of a team and who is injured. Are there weather changes and is there match-fixing?

When betting on virtual sports, it is more about the experience, without having knowledge. You can make few wrong choices here and the big advantage is that a game can be played every few minutes.

You don’t have to watch a football game for 90 minutes to know the win or loss afterwards. In addition, you can always (24/7) do virtual sports betting!

Which Visual Sports Can You Bet on at Non GamStop Bookmakers?

The first virtual sport was played on an IBM computer in 1961 and this was done with the sport of baseball. Nowadays you can gamble virtually on:

  • Tennis
  • Football
  • Horse racing
  • Cycling
  • Dog races
  • Speedway
  • Car racing

Race Participants & Betting Odds at Non GamStop Bookmakers

You also see fun variants where you have to guess, for example, which monkey climbs the fastest in a tree. You can play virtual sports at every major sportsbook with a casino.

We also played and tested many of them. One looks more graphically better than the other.

It is good business for the casino. After all, it all goes super-fast and the costs are limited.

Betting is very easy and you can do it from €1.00. It is a nice addition to the large selection that these casinos already have.

Betting Odds

In normal sports betting, the chance of a special result with high odds being successful is lower than a simple win-or-lose bet.

The favourite always has lower odds and in principle more chance of winning. This principle is the same with virtual sports betting, but no human being is involved and the computer determines the odds.

The basis of winning or losing is determined by the random number generator, just like slots.

It strikes me that the higher odds (the underdogs) win more often in virtual sports than the matches in, for example, the Premier League.

This probably has to do with the diverse offer and that there are many more virtual competitions than in real life.

Virtual Sports Betting at Non GamStop Bookmakers Is Here to Stay

Since we are so familiar with sports in our lives, the step to watch a virtual match is small. Watching the matches is made extra exciting with cool sounds and visual techniques.

The non GamStop casinos earn good money with it and will do everything they can to expand this further. Some developers of these games have made it their core business and new developments follow each other in rapid succession.

It is becoming more and more attractive for the players to watch and to take a chance. The virtual reality glasses have yet to make their appearance and if that happens I think the success will be even greater.

FAQ About Betting on Virtual Sports at Non GamStop Bookmakers

What is the tip for betting on virtual sports?

Bet low and see it as pure entertainment. It is a different way of gambling online but you will always lose in the long run.

What exactly are Virtual Sports?

They are electronic games that give beautiful visual feedback on a screen. These fantasy sports are inspired by real-world sports.

Can I beat virtual sports?

You can of course be lucky, but in the long run, you will always lose. In the case of betting on real sports, this is sometimes possible. About 7.35% of these gamblers end up with more than they bet! This has to do with the fact that virtual sports work with an RNG (just like a slot machine)

Is E-Sports the same as Virtual Sports?

No, although you can bet on E-Sports, this is not the same. Virtual Sports is like a slot machine and with E-Sports you just have to be able to play well to win.

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