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Vanessa Bryant Net Worth 2022: Income and Earning of Kobe Bryant’s Wife

A well-known American celebrity named Vanessa Marie Bryant is most known for her union with basketball player Kobe Bryant. They established the Kobe and Vanessa Bryant Foundation in 2007 to offer financial aid to underrepresented college students throughout the world. Bryant is the director of the Mamba & Mambacita Sports Foundation, which helps underprivileged young athletes. She is Granity Studios’ president and chief executive officer.

Early life

Bryant was born in Los Angeles, Calif., on May 5, 1982. She is Latina and her family is from Mexico. When she was a baby, her parents split up. After her parents got divorced, her biological father moved to Baja California. She has a sister named Sophie who is older. Her mother worked at an electronics company as a shipping clerk.

In 1990, her mother married Stephen Laine, who was a middle manager at the same electronics company where she worked. She started going by “Laine” after the marriage, and in 2000, even though she was never officially adopted by her stepfather, she changed her name to Vanessa Marie Laine.

Her family lived in Garden Grove, California, and she lived in Huntington Beach, California, with her step-grandfather, Robert Laine. She went to high school at Marina.

Bryant and her friend Rowena Ireifej went to an Irvine Meadows Amphitheatre hip-hop show in August 1999. They were asked by a company if they would like to work as extras in music videos and backup dancers. Bryant later worked with artists like Krayzie Bone and Snoop Dogg to make music videos.

Her mom went with her to the shoots. Bryant met Kobe Bryant on the set of the music video for the song “G’d Up” in November 1999. Bryant had to do her senior year of high school at home as an independent study because her high-profile relationship caused trouble at school. She got an A in high school and graduated in 2000.


Bryant and her husband started the Kobe and Vanessa Bryant Foundation, which was originally called the VIVO Foundation. It is a charity that helps young people become more aware of the world around them. It gives scholarships to college students from minority groups and other young people around the world. The charity and the Make-A-Wish Foundation have worked together.

Bryant and her husband helped start the National Museum of African American History and Culture with a donation.

In 2020, after the deaths of her husband and second-oldest daughter, Bryant changed the name of her husband’s Mamba Sports Foundation to the Mamba and Mambacita Sports Foundation to honor her daughter. It helps poor kids who play sports. In May 2021, Bryant released a line of clothes called Mambacita to honor her daughter Gianna. The line is made in collaboration with Dannijo, a company owned by women, and all of the money goes to the Mambacita Sports Foundation.

Vanessa Bryant Career
Vanessa Bryant Career

Bryant was the head of Granity Studios and its president and CEO.

Bryant worked with the group Baby2Baby to help poor women and children. In November 2021, at Baby2Baby’s 10-year gala, she was given a philanthropy award.

On February 8, 2022, Bryant got the Be Your Own Champion Award for leading the Mambacita Sports Foundation at the Sports Power Brunch: Celebrating the Most Powerful Women in Sports.

What Is Vanessa Bryant’s Net Worth?

Vanessa Bryant is Net worth $600 million. Vanessa Bryant is best known as the wife of legendary Lakers player Kobe Bryant.

Most of this money came from her late husband’s work as a professional basketball player. After her divorce, she also owned three homes in Newport Beach. Her work had a big effect on her property as well.

In 2020, her late husband and their 13-year-old daughter Gianna died in a helicopter crash. After this terrible thing happened, she decided to keep up the family tradition and work to do what her late husband wanted.

What was Kobe Bryant’s worth?

Kobe spent staggering 20 years playing professionally, earning the majority of his enormous wealth from his NBA career.

Kobe Bryant put a paltry $5 million into the sports drink firm BodyArmor in exchange for a 10% share in the company back in 2013. Kobe had enough faith in the young company to invest money and lend his name to their cause.

Kobe was a major investor, but the company also had Coca-Cola, Keurig Dr. Pepper, and BodyArmor co-founder Mike Repole as investors. In May of 2020, a businessman said on Fox Business that the product’s almost $1 billion in annual sales wouldn’t exist without Kobe’s support.

People thought back on the loss he had personally suffered and the company’s loss due to the sports star’s fame.

I lost a dear friend. I lost a brother with Kobe and BodyArmor lost a founding father. Kobe Bryant’s fingerprints are all over the BodyArmor brand. The brand wouldn’t be in the position it’s in if Kobe wasn’t a believer back in 2012 and 2013.”

Now that Kobe is gone, Repole plans to keep BodyArmor going while keeping his great buddy in mind.

For me, this has always been a journey, the last seven or eight years, with Kobe, and now I feel like this is a journey for Kobe,” Repole said. “To me, BodyArmor really is his business legacy. Kobe saw in BodyArmor, when we were under $5 million in sales, what nobody else saw.”

Personal Life in details

Laine and Kobe Bryant engaged six months after meeting. Seven-carat diamond adorned her engagement ring. They wed in 2001. The service was placed at St. Edward Roman Catholic Church in Dana Point, California. Vanessa Marie Bryant is her married name.

Vanessa and Kobe had Natalia in January 2003.

Bryant defended her husband in 2003, saying, “I know he committed infidelity.” A few days later, she got a $4 million eight-carat purple diamond ring, sparking rumors it was a thank-you present. Professor of sports studies David K. Wiggins said her spouse ordered the ring two months earlier.
Bryant inspired her spouse. Tabloids speculated about her. Bryant accused Karl Malone of mistreating her in 2004. Malone apologized but denied making a pass. SI reported Vanessa-gate regarding Malone’s “wife-poaching.” Other columnists compared Bryant to Yoko Ono, and SNL parodied her. She was praised for defying the NBA’s tomcatting culture.

Bryant miscarried in 2005 due to ectopic pregnancy. Gianna Maria-Onore (aka “Gigi”) was born in May 2006.

Vanessa Bryant Family
Vanessa Bryant Family

Maria Jimenez, Bryant’s housekeeper, sued her in 2009, claiming she verbally mistreated and humiliated her. Bryant countersued Jimenez for breaching a confidentiality agreement.

Bryant divorced Kobe on December 16, 2011, citing irreconcilable differences. Some estimated Kobe Bryant would collect $75 million. The Bryants ended their divorce 13 months later. The Los Angeles Times labeled Bryant as a paradoxical and “polarising public personality” in April 2016.

Bryant gave birth to her third daughter, Bianka Bella, in December 2016, and in January 2019 she revealed she was expecting a fourth. Capri Kobe, their fourth child, was born in June 2019.

Bryant’s spouse and daughter Gigi killed in a helicopter crash on January 26, 2020. She’s suing Los Angeles County for invasion of privacy and negligence for distributing photos of crash victims. The trial is slated for 2022.

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