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American Horror Story Season 10 Cast & Character Guide – All You Need To Know

Can you believe it? Many performers that appeared in earlier seasons of American Horror Story are part of the cast of season 10. It’s primarily the familiar suspects, though there are a few newbies and some cherished cast members returning to the franchise after a break. Every year, a small theatrical group gathered for the play to perform a new terrifying story.

The season’s theme, Double Feature, is supposed to be interpreted literally. In other words, this season has two mini-arcs. The cast and characters are solely known thus far for Red Tide, the first Season. Aliens will appear in the second segment, Death Valley, which will premiere later. Eek!

“A failing writer, his pregnant wife, and their daughter go to a secluded coastal village for the winter,” reads the official Red Tide synopsis. The town’s real inhabitants start to emerge once they have been established. Please advise fictitious characters to avoid visiting beaches. The beach that ages you were there first. White Lotus came next. Even the Outer Banks may become tense. Then this?

Here is the American Horror Story: Double Feature cast and cast members.

  • Sarah Paulson

Double Feature character: Tuberculosis Karen

Sarah will play Linda Tripp in the new season of American Crime Story, which starts at the same time as the new season of American Horror Story.

  • Evan Peters

Evan Peters
Evan Peters

Double Feature character: Austin Sommers


  • Finn Wittrock

Other AHS seasons: Freak Show, Hotel, Roanoke, 1984

He’s back, people! Evan takes a break from AHS to enchant us in WandaVision and Mare of Easttown. It’s time for him to be terrified once more.

  • Lily Rabe

Double Feature character: Doris Gardner

In practically every season of American Horror Story, Lily has appeared, but frequently in a supporting, guest, or flashback role. It’s all about her this time.

  • Ryan Kiera Armstong

Double Feature character: Alma Gardner

Be prepared for this little actress, who plays the daughter of Finn and Lily in the series, to go into full creepy-kid mode.

  • Frances Conroy

Frances Conroy
Frances Conroy

Double Feature character: Belle Noir

Conroy has been a regular on “American Horror Story” since the first episode, “Murder House,” in season 1.

  • Leslie Grossman

Double Feature character: Ursula

Her persona is providing the looks once more.

  • Billie Lourd

Double Feature character: Lark

Billie may be the most enthusiastically scary addition to the cast of American Horror Story.

  • Adina Porter

Double Feature character: Chief Burelson

Will Adina’s character, who works for the local police, be up against whatever evil is going on in P-Town, or at least a part of it?

  • Angelica Ross

Double Feature character: The Chemist

Last year was her first year at AHS, and she is already back for more.

  • Macaulay Culkin

Double Feature character: Mickey

The podcaster and former child star are joining the cast of American Horror Story. Getting back to family… Rory Culkin was in Halston, which was made by Ryan Murphy, earlier this year. Kieran, keep an eye out! You’re going to get hit by the Murphy-verse.

  • Denis O’Hare

Double Feature character: Holden

It’s always interesting to see what the actor from True Blood and Dallas Buyers Club brings to American Horror Story.

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